Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Water Lilies at Dusk

I have been wanting to paint water lilies for such a long time!   Over the weekend,  the blooms started popping up in Monet's Garden,  and today was my chance!  Zooming in on a small cluster,  I sketched out my subject on my dark washed panel.  Being careful to place my greens accurately,  I blocked in all the pads before starting on the water.  The edges and colors are unique to each one, with very dark shadows just under their rims.  I chose this cluster as the water reflected not only rich darks, but wonderful glimpses of sky as well.  I've never tried my hand at these beauties before - and it was so rewarding!  The darkening sky gave this composition a mood and feel all it's own.  Can't wait to paint them again!   I can see why Monet never tired of painting them!  Painting number 1246 in 1246 days. 
Water Lilies at Dusk
Oil on panel, 12x9

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