Sunday, May 15, 2016

First Peonies

First Peonies
Oil on panel, 7x5
Tonight was the first time to try my new Guerilla “French Revolution” paintbox from Judson Outfitters!  So exciting to try out a new set up after all these years!  I do love my french easel, but sometimes I only need a small set up.  This one is 12x9, and my normal palette will not fit into it, but I do have  smaller one that will.  I just need to clean it and load it for this paintbox.  My brushes will also fit in the slot, but only a few paints will fit.  So, I will choose some basic, small tubes for reloading.  It is more stable on the tri-pod than I expected.  The way the top and bottom grip the panel is not as steady as the french easel.  I liked it, but I will need to adjust a few things to be comfortable with it.  I have used my french easel for 10 years - and love it - so this may have to grow on me!  Painting number 1229 in 1229 days.
on location

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