Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Scout

The Scout
Oil on panel, 14x11
Penn Valley Paint Out

After visiting the NICU in between painting windows down at the Penn Valley lake, I packed up my gear and headed up the embankment to my car.  Having placed my large painting in the trunk, I pulled out a fresh panel for the Scout, and climbed up the hill to it’s eastern side.  I was one of only three or four artists in site, and the quick paint was starting in 5 minutes.  I thought it was strange - where were they all?  I had forgotten my frame (with all of the turmoil of juggling the hospital visits and painting), so I texted my friend to borrow a frame.  When I rounded the Scout, to my amazement were the other 50 artists, all bunched up on the other side of the hill!  I had felt almost alone, and couldn’t even hear them over the hum of the mowers on my side!  There is nothing like a little “painting therapy” to keep my mind occupied.  Painting number 1226 in 1226 days.

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