Monday, May 2, 2016

Creekside Sycamores

Creek in New Melle
Oil on panel, 12x16
on location - off F Hwy in New Melle
On the day of the New Melle paint out, Teddy and I had checked in and driven to the east and west on the main streets out of town.  Heading south down F, we decided we had gone too far, and pulled into this untraveled drive.  As I looked down the embankment, I was instantly drawn in.  Our plan was to paint one of the historic buildings.....but the creek was  certainly worth a photo!  Well, once out of the car, I knew I would be unable to resist it’s gently winding curves!  I set up looking to the north, and Teddy set up looking to the south, being careful to avoid the abundant poison ivy along the drive.  This highway turned out to be a speedway full of racing cars and gravel trucks, and all seemed surprised to see artists along this track!  After sketching this out in pastel, I then painted it loosely in acrylics.  I finished it off in oils, and I like the depth this creates.  Painting number 1216 in 1216 days.

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