Saturday, April 30, 2022

Ferry and Walnut

After a busy day of entering paintings in hourly Theme Paints competitions, I just HAD to get outside and paint!  I'm not very good at sitting around, especially when the light is so beautiful in the landscape.  Loving the whole feel of this street, I began this painting in front of this beautiful historic building (that is being brought back to glory).  Starting with the line work on this place, I worked down and up the street, marking color and values all the way.  It was fun to visit as I painted, and before I knew it, the painting was nearly done.  With a Crack of thunder and a cold rush of air.  That storm in the distance rushed in.  In so glad I got this finished before the storm!  Painting number 3405 in 3405 days. 

Friday, April 29, 2022

Spring Arrives at the Cabins

I don't think I've ever been to these cabins when all of their spring trees were in bloom - so I HAD to paint them.  After a busy day, and a meal at Good News Brews, I set up with an hour before sunset, to capture this place.  With big brushes and thick paint, I marked all the light and shadow while I had it.  Then I worked to the middle, meeting edges and getting the panel covered.  It was so much fun to stand in this place and paint, listening to the leaves rustle and the kids play in the park behind the school.  What a wonderful evening for painting!  Painting number 3404 in 3404 days. 

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Sunset Over the Gazebo


Checking in at 5:30am, we had a sunrise paint in downtown Augusta.  Seeing many of the artists set up along the parking lot edge, looking over field and pond, I decided to step back to include this when wonderful old gazebo.  Spitting rain throughout, I tilted my pochade lid downward slightly, to keep the surface dry until I got it covered with paint.  If rain falls on it - oil paints will not stick!  If has been a while since I've painted a sunrise, and it was super fun to do so with friends. I've gotten faster since my last attempt, so this time I felt no pressure to race the clock.  This painting is still available, but they are going like hot cakes! Painting number 3403 in 3403 days.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Plant Sale at the Barn

Plant Sale at the Barn

It was a perfect day for painting en plein air!  So beautifully laid out, Sunflower Hill Farm offers so many painting options! After an ink and watercolor rendering of the whole hillside, I rushed to draw the plant sale tent set up in front of the barn.  Using my lavender Twsbi diamond fountain pen loaded with Robert Oster's Thunderstorm ink, I sketched this scene in 30 minutes, leaving another 30 to fill in the mid tones.  I love drawing in ink, it feels very natural and fulfilling at day's end.  Painting number 3402 in 3402 days. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Mount Pleasant Afternoon

I haven't painted Mount Pleasant Winery in years - and never in pink!  Word on the grapevine is that this is the original historic color - and it certainly looks great against the fresh greens of spring!  My third painting of the day, I choose a third medium. After an oil and a fountain pen ink, I now chose ink and watercolor.  As I started my ink work, I realized I'm missing my neon yellow Twsbi fountain pen full of my favorite black ink!  I searched high and low, and it's not in my stuff.  I last remember having it as I sketched the whole scene at Nobeleis, so maybe it's laying there in the grass!  So today, I had to use my ink full of Robert Oster's Thunderstorm ink, a rich dark that pushes blue when wet. It actually pops in this landscape, adding to the contrast.  Mixing up just the right pink was fun - and these historic buildings are a pleasure to capture!  I feel like I've stepped back in time, just painting here.  Painting number 3401 in 3401 days. 

Monday, April 25, 2022

Old Truck at Balducci's


Every year there is a sunset paint at Balducci Vineyards, and this year the light was perfect and the winds were howling! With a glass of Vidal Blanc (yummy) in one hand, as I gripped my easel, I painted with the other quick and heavy - trying to get a much paint on there as quickly as possible.  Battling wind gusts while painting is tricky business!  I had to switch my brimmed hat for my ball cap multiple times, in an effort to keep my hair out of my eyes!  Once turned in, it was great to sit down with friends and enjoy a wonderful piece of pizza. This was a super fun paint, despite the wind! Painting number 3400 in 3400 days - wowza!

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Rainy Day at Lake Creek

I love coming to Lake Creek Winery to paint!  The pastoral scenes and sweeping landscape are an artist's dream - even on a rainy day!  I set up as rain threatened, getting everything dry as sprinkles started.  I first did a pen and ink, and was having so much fun that I sketched right into my paint time. Everything is timed, but no matter, I wanted to finish the ink - and frame it- before rain turned my painting into smeary blackness.  So I did, leaving myself short for this delightful scene!  You can't tell it here, but it rained very hard as I painted under their shelter, rain even flooding the floor around me, like a lake filling up! I had on my wellies and was standing on a thick yoga mat, so I didn't get too wet. We all squeezed into the center of that cover as the wind blew the heavy rain in.  Plein air is not for the faint of heart! Still, I loved painting this, and this painting has a new home, too!  Painting number 3399 in 3399 days. 

Morning on Walnut Street

What a lovely morning for painting the streets of Augusta!  It feels like stepping back in time to stand among these historic buildings, and paint.  Enjoying a leisurely breakfast provided by the shopkeepers at Emporium, I started this paintout a little late. Deciding on my subject was easy, because this scene called to me at first sight!  Getting all that information down in my reduced time was challenging!  I painted right up until Teddy pulled up the car beside me and I rushed to clean up and frame.  Even as I turned this in, I was wishing I could do more!  So, imagine my surprise when my painting won the Sponsor's Choice Award!  Painting number 3398 in 3398 days. 

Friday, April 22, 2022

Morning at Defiance Ridge

Arriving early for the live broadcast of Great Day St Louis, on KMOV 4, I was directed to stand in this location for their cameras.  Scouting all I could see from this spot, I knew I must paint the wonderful farmhouse with all those pink umbrellas!  Many were attending the broadcast, enjoying coffee and breakfast delights.  As the broadcast started, Lynn shared the details of Augusta Plein Air Art Festival, and the cameras caught the live painting process. It is fun to see a painting develop during that short time.  As a Facebook Live interview started after the TV broadcast, this painting sold off the easel, and they discussed just how to do that in the field.  I loved painting here this morning, and so happy this painting will hang in the owner's lake house!  Painting number 3397 in 3397 days. 

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Lakeside Redbuds


What a lovely, warm day for kicking off the Augusta  Plein Air Festival in Augusta Shores!  This balmy day was such a joy to paint in - and those redbud trees were showing peak color down by the water.  After driving in this morning and arriving a little late, we took longer to find our location, too.  Deciding on this lovely scene, I quickly painted in the masses, marking the color to preserve it.  It was wonderful to see so many artist friends and of course, my host family - it truly is like a family reunion!  Painting number 3396 in 3396 days. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Milk Barn Forsythia

 I planted this gorgeous forsythia many years ago, moving starts from the patent plant all over the property.  Now it is full and glorious, and perfect for painting each spring!  I will soon be painting Augusta, so I just had to get this painted before leaving town - those sunny yellow blooms will not be there when I return.  Painting number 3395 in 3395 days. 

Monday, April 18, 2022

Red Mountain over the Salt River

The Red Mountain was lovely at sunset, but we were soon spooked by the dense, brushy trail and the big cat sounds.  Once back on the road, we realized we had come in a back entrance instead of the main one. Silly Google maps, leading us astray!  Thank goodness we got our of there in time. The trail narrows quickly with darkness descending.  The trail was so dense that this was one of only a couple of clear views of the mountain and the river. We went in search of wildb horses, and there were plenty of signs, but we did not see them.  I want to return during morning hours, by the front entrance, to truly enjoy this place when we return.  There is a lake on that side that should offer some amazing painting opportunities, too.  I am really enjoying this gorgeous journal, it is a dream to sketch in such a book!  Painting number 3393 in 3393 days. 

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Inked Butterflies

After a full day of Easter celebration with family, I work in a little play time with my fountain pen inks.  I am playing with the inks, trying new things to explore just how the different colors mingle. I feel more expressive somehow, untied to the strict lines and angles of my ink and watercolor work.  It's liberating how this media simply takes off - like another personality jumping forward to play with reckless abandon.  It's all about the creative process, and I LOVE it!  Painting number 3392 in 3392 days.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Leading to Crestview

 I had time for just one more painting, so I hiked away from the barns until I reached a pole barn for a windbreak, to set up my gear.  I sketched with India ink the scene before me, switching to the fountain pen inks, a dropper and a wash brush to float in the water.  I did add a small round brush for tiny areas, dropping in plenty of water as I added ink.  It is crazy to take this media into the field during a plein air event, but I just can't help myself!  It's so fun to watch the painting unfold, and I learn more about this media with every painting.  I'm so happy this painting went home with someone who likes my particular brand of crazy!  Painting number 3391 in 3391 days. 

Friday, April 15, 2022

Spring Comes to Crestview

It seems that every season I paint is my favorite season, when I'm in front of my easel!  Spring colors are unfolding today as the sun shines warm upon us, and the birds are happily singing their songs.  After the morning's Quick Paint, I settle into this lovely farmhouse scene, and relish the sheer joy of painting on such a lovely day.  Visiting all the while, I soon finished up and headed out for a quiet paint along the water of the pond.  I love these days spent painting, I am so at home in the landscape with paints.  Painting number 3390 in 3390 days. 

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Bajada Wash Trail

Only the second entry in my vintage travel journal, I sketch the Bajada Wash Trail at the Saguaro National Park.  It's so beautiful with it's desert colors, filled with hundreds of saguaro cacti!  They only grow in a small area of Arizona, and are protected here.  It is hard to imagine their size without a person standing by one - they are gigantic!  An Arizona hairy scorpion dashed out in front of me as I was climbing to find a better trail for Michaela!  Since she was carrying Casper on her back, she couldn't make the steep climb on the trail. So glad that scorpion didn't sting me!  They are aggressive and painful!  Who knew there were so many scorpions here?  Love pen and ink for this scene - I'm going to really enjoy filling the pages of this journal with my travel adventures! Painting number 3389 in 3389 days. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Reflections at Crestview

It is always a good day when I'm painting near the water.  This secluded pond a pasture away from the house and barns at Crestview Dairy, is a peaceful spot to immerse myself in the process.  In a place like this, I become one with my surroundings, and revel in the paint.  All feeling, no thought, I let this painting unfold organically, letting my brush do the work.  Ending the day on such a note is a delight, indeed.  Painting number 3388 in 3388 days. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Loose Park Cherries

I try to come here each spring to paint when the cherry trees are in bloom, and the experience is magical.  Their heady fragrance wafts through the air as petals drift down gently.  After first sketching this place in ink and watercolor (yesterday's post) I sketched it again on watercolor paper.  Returning to my car for my fountain pen inks, I dropped in color and floated water in the masses to see how they would mingle.  All Diamine inks, I am now thinking of a few Robert Oster inks that also have amazing chroma. I am embarking on a whole new art adventure, messy, bold and loose!  So much fun!  Painting number 3387 in 3387 days. 

Monday, April 11, 2022

Blooming Cherry Trees

I paint on Mondays with a group of watercolorists who seek out a lovely location in the Kansas City area.  One discovered the cherry trees in bloom, so our venue was decided and we all gathered under the boughs. With petals gently falling and the fragrance heavy in the air, I sketched the scene in ink, following with watercolor. I should upload another photo, too, since this one is not in focus.  I didn't notice when I snapped the shot quickly and moved on to the next!  Painting number 3386 in 3386 days. 

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Looking North on 4th St

We had a hard freeze last night, so this morning's start was quite cold.  With my self heating fingerless gloves, socks and battery heated socks, I was toasty warm as I sat near my car to block the wind.  I don't think I've ever painted this side of town, so it was fun to explore this place in paint!  The Texaco on the corner is charming, and now a wonderful BBQ place called the Filling Station. With the north wind blowing, I could smell that BBQ from here!  Painting number 3385 in 3385 days. 

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Good Morning Crestview

This scene caught my eye immediately, but I continued to scout the whole property before returning to set up.  That early golden light was irresistible!  I had two hours to complete this, frame and turn in for the Summit Art Plein Air Festival Quick Paint.  It felt good to be out painting with friends again, and I enjoyed visiting as I worked.  Setting my alarm in case I talked right through to the cutoff, it was a fun paint day!  To top that off - this painting win the Quick Paint Award!  Painting number 3384 in 3384 days. 

Friday, April 8, 2022

Spring Rain at Crestview

When the day started cloudy and gray - I knew I wanted to take my fountain pen inks!  Making dramatic shifts between masses, I dropped in ink with a dropper, then floated in water with a wash brush. I took a small glass dip pen and 3 other fountain pens with different colors of inks loaded. I was sheltered from the gusting wind, so those wet inky puddles could dry without being blown right off the paper!  So unpredictable, it was exciting to watch the ink do it's magic as I worked on the next mass.  I'm known for keeping everything clean, but tonight I'm sporting a little garland ink on my fingers from the dropper spurting erratically!  I may have to wear it off, or maybe try bleach next!  I know it's crazy for an event, but some days you just have to jump in boldly and embrace what drives you!  Painting number 3383 in 3383 days. 

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Crestview Dairy Inked

It was a cold, windy kick off for the Summit Art Plein Air at Crestview Dairy, with winds gusting to 40 mph. As I was sketching, sleet began to bounce off my drawing - creating a little pile in my lap!  It even melted a little on my paper, saturating the ink a little!  Despite the adverse conditions, I was toasty warm with my infrared fingerless gloves, socks, and battery heated outer socks.  Plein air is delightful in all weather - when I'm warm!  I didn't have enough light to get a clear photo tonight, so I'll take another in daylight before heading out in the morning!  Painting number 3382 in 3382 days. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Goldfield Mountains in fountain pen ink

I sketched this lovely place in pen and ink yesterday, for my first entry in my travel journal.  Wanting to explore the vibrant color of this place, I am experimenting with fountain pen inks. I first sketched in the landscape with a half dry India ink pen.  Laying a bead of color with a dropper at the darkest part of a mass, I then went in with juicy wet wash brush, allowing the ink to spread at will.  To those very wet masses I added more color with my glass dip pen, letting the inks mingle. These inks are all from the 2021 Diamine Inkvent Calendar, and I chose the ones nearest the actual colors.  Some shimmer and sheen, so each mass has unique properties.  I even added a tiny bit of bleach water to a couple of areas, to see the reaction, just like a science experiment!  There is something about the strong color that is very appealing to me!  I so love the process of art exploration!  Painting number 3381 in 3381 days. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Goldfield Mountain Inked

There is something very exciting about filling the very first page of a sketchbook.  This beautiful leather-bound book with dyed handmade paper is a treasure I picked up at a local market in Mesa.  Vintage in style, one of a kind, this book called to me immediately.  It was love at first glance, full of promise and dreams of places yet undiscovered, waiting to be sketched on it's pages.  So, I am starting with Arizona, and the rugged lines of the Goldfield Mountains.  I plan to use only pen and ink in this book, honoring the timeless handcrafted materials.  Only the best places will find themselves on these pages, and I'm so excited to start this journey.  Painting number 3380 in 3380 days. 

Monday, April 4, 2022

Goldfield Mountains

The late day light is amazing on this mountain range!  Rushing to get this done before the sun dropped, I sketched quickly with ink, filling in with watercolor.  Little Casper spent the entire time throwing rocks into the Salt River - hardly stopping to talk to us!  So much fun to spend this time with family in such a beautiful place - I hope to return when I have much more time to paint! Painting number 3379 in 3379 days. 

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Saguaro Lake

Saguaro Lake is so beautiful at the golden hour!  The colors on the mountain turned golden orange as the sun set, reflecting beautifully in the Salt River.  In ink, I quickly sketched the scene as family played at water's edge.  I always rush when I know family is waiting on me, so I moved swiftly to dropping in the watercolor.  The light was magic!  Upon finish, I realized many photographers lined the pebbly shore, snapping photos in front of these bluffs.  So glad we made it here! Painting number 3378 in 3378 days. 

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Bee and Oleander

The lovely scent of Oleander fills the air here, day and night.  It is everywhere, and yet one must be careful, all parts of it are deadly toxic.  Working in  miniature, I choose ink and watercolor on handmade paper.  All is drawn loosely, as I use a continuous line on most of the flora.  So many things are blooming in Mesa, Arizona - I wish I had more time to paint!  Painting number 3377 in 3377 days. 

Friday, April 1, 2022

Totem Pole Cactus

 This little ink and watercolor painting has a fun story attached!  While out on my morning run, I ran past this super cool cactus, sitting on a chair, with a FREE sign behind it!  I kept running, but as I ran I knew I had to return for it.  Grabbing a bag at the house I ran back to retrieve it.  I took a quick photo and carried it back like a baby - a 4 foot long baby!  Can't wait to get my new baby home to live inside in Missouri! And, of course, I had to paint it!  Painting number  3376 in 3376.