Saturday, August 31, 2019

Paxico Vineyard - Prairie Fire Winery

I did not believe there were vineyards in the Flint Hills until I saw them!  What a beautiful place to paint and enjoy a glass of wine!  Painting number 2439 in 2439 days.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Van Zyverden Canna and Bee

I have been spending the days in my gardens, ever tending and weeding the masses.  As the hours grow short to the wedding, I am only finding tiny painting windows, ATC sized today. This amazing canna is one of two I planted this season - and they are knock outs!  The foliage is gorgeous on it's own - and then the amazing orange bloom adds icing to the cake!  I'm so happy we tried several canna varieties this year, I will be painting them until frost!  Painting number 2438 in 2438 days.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Bee and Rose of Sharon ATC

Over half of my many Rose of Sharons are in full bloom - just in time for Michaela's wedding!  Those silly Japanese beetles descended right after baling the hay, eating many tiny flower buds before they ever opened.  Those in full bloom at the time suffered, but all of these look great - and I had to paint them!  Feels so good to get a tiny art therapy break in!  Painting number 2437 in 2437 days.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Main Street Galleria

I had so much fun painting Weston during the plein air event this year!  It has always conflicted with my schedule, but this year I made it work.  I love the charming buildings along Main Street, and sure wished I had more time for painting!  I will definitely be back, and next time I'm going to do more shopping, too!  Painting number 2436 in 2436 days.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Yellow Barn Inked

After a little morning scouting of Door County barns, I knew as we approached THIS would be our painting location!  Finding the owner on the front porch, she graciously allowed us to stay and paint.  What fun!  I made a new friend who is also an artist, and got to sketch and paint this gorgeous old barn!  A perfect plein air day!  Painting number 2435 in 2435 days.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Blanket Flower

This is my first season for this cheerful yellow blanket flower, Arizona Apricot.  Planted early and only watered once or twice, this perennial is an abundant bloomer that performs well in the heat.  With very little care it has flourished!  So, after a very busy day of yard work, I am painting this beauty with ink and watercolor.  I can't wait to see how it grows!  Painting number 2433 in 2433 days.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Jackson Harbor

I wish I had time to really paint the rugged beauty here!  The water is so high on Lake Michigan, it comes up to those barns while other outbuildings have flooded. There's an amazing array of fishing boats here - with more rods than I could count!  With only a short time before catching the ferry, I use ink and watercolor to capture this place. The wind was cool and strong, so I had to mind my hat - or lose it in Lake Michigan!  Time stands still here, and I love immersing myself in such a place.  Painting number 2432 in 2432 days.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Glory in the Sky

I am constantly drawn to the cloud show appearing in the skies above me.  Distracted while driving, weeding, or at any outdoor event - I feel a compulsion to drop everything and capture the beauty in paint!  So often the light is fleeting, so I rush in to mark the colors first, followed by the highlights, and finish with the shadow tones. I find these remain longer than the rest, so I can mark the areas quickly and return as I pull it all together.  Perhaps I should do a painting challenge on the heavens - 100 skies in 100 days?  Maybe then I would be comfortable with  these cloud scenes!  Painting number 2431 in 2431 days.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Phlox and Tansy

After a very long day, I find myself painting a few of the flowers I brought in from the garden tonight. I don't remember ever painting the tansy before, but these were leaning into the walkway, so I saved them from stomping!  The phlox have lasted so very long this summer, but the last two heavy rains have really washed the petals away.  I've been dead heading them and babying them, hoping to keep them gorgeous for Michaela's wedding, but they are fading.  These blooms were all laying over, so now they are inside so I can paint them while enjoying their rich fragrance!  Painting number 2430 in 2430 days.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Anderson House

I love exploring new places in paint!  As I lay down those lines, I spend time getting to know my subject.  The cool of the breeze, earthy smell of the damp ground, and the filtered light through the trees, all seep into my painting.  As I experience the moment, that experience slips into my paint and fills the page. There is truly something magical in plein air painting.  Painting number 2429 in 2429 days.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Flint Hills Sunset

The Kansas terrain is so very different than Missouri - especially a couple hours past the state line.  The air is drier, the colors are also cooler, less green, less yellow, and there are wide open spaces without trees to paint under!  That was probably the most surprising, because I can find shade anywhere I paint, normally!  I love exploring new places with paint, it is truly the best way to immerse myself!  I can look at those paintings years later, and remember everything about that place, right down to the sites, smells and weather.  Funny how deep that connection is!  Painting number 2428 in 2428 days.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

August Sunset

The colors of the sunset are fleeting and can be a real challenge to nail down quickly.  Using Richeson oils, I laid down thick strokes of paint to echo what I saw in the sky.  I really like how creamy these paints remain, no matter how long they stay on my palette.  Some of my "worms" of paint have been on there since December, when I first started using their oil paint. They don't seem to oxidize as quickly as some of my others, and I love that.  I put my palette in the freezer every night, and I have yet to scrape skins off any color other than brown. Pretty awesome.  Painting number 2427 in 2427 days.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Bee and Black Eyed Susans

These sunny yellow blooms may just be my favorite to pop up in pasture and prairie!  Their cheerful faces are a welcome sight, and their bloom time is amazing.  These sturdy flowers last forever in a vase, too!  I use both India and Levenger Raven Black ink to sketch the lines.  Laying in the masses with my Watercolor Confections, I return with a little ink where needed.  Sometimes I forget to get that photo in the field, and I'm liable to forget lots of things in the days leading up to Michaela's wedding! Painting number 2426 in 2426 days.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Kansas City Zoo

Arriving early at the Kansas City Zoo, I walked up the hill past the first parking lot to take a look.  I really loved this view, but scouted a little further before returning with my inks and watercolors.  Having only one paper in my chosen format, I had to make it work.  Still 100% cotton rag, the texture is far smoother than my preferred paper.  I've tried it two other times, and did not care for it.  Here were are, 200 ink and watercolors later, and it is not that bad to work with.  I have to be more deliberate in my water flow, and control that pigment, but I actually like the results.  Will I add it to my paper arsenal?  Probably not, but it is fun to conquer it, instead of the other way around! Painting number 2426 in 2426 days.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Llamas at the Zoo

Finding a sliver of shade over to the side, I worked pretty comfortably as I spent time observing these animals.  So much of sketching and painting is in the actual observation, before a mark is made. The llamas were curious, and kept coming by to look me over.  At one point, I was getting a side eye look that had me backing up a little!  Lol.  I used ink to sketch with and watercolor to add some color for this quick little paint.  I need to paint a lot more llamas to be comfortable with them!  Painting number 2425 in 2425 days.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Old Glory and Chairs

Upon arriving at our lakehouse retreat, this little slice of Americana welcomed us!  The light was stunning, and I tucked the idea of painting it away for the moment.  Each morning, the beautiful light illuminated this scene, and each time I was on my way to paint something else!  Finally, the opportunity arose to capture it in oils - and that is just what I did!  I love the hidden little places I get to see while on the artist's trail!  Painting number 2424 in 2424 days.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Sister Bay Inked

Standing in the Waterfront Park at Sister Bay offers a painting in every direction.  From the crowded beach to the rambling marina stretching off into the distance, the busy shoreline is a wonderful place to spend the morning.  After scouting for a bit, I landed pretty quickly on this spot.  The abundant wildflowers in the foreground with that sweep of water in the background, the different planes appealed to my senses. Using my TWSBI fountain pen and favorite Levenger Raven black ink, I used the very last of the ink drawing this sketch.  I changed sketch bags before heading north, and I didn't bring an extra bottle of ink.  I have got to remember that!  It is not my first time to run out of ink when out of town.  Painting number 2422 in 2422 days.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Three Goats!

Goats are so active, they can be a challenge to paint!  These little guys rotated all over the place - jumping on rocks, eating from their bucket, running along the fence, and back to the rocks again!  I picked one at a time, sketching with quick lines. Once the lines were down, I painted in a little watercolor to capture the scene.  Animals are super fun to paint, even if they don't stand still!  Haha!  Painting number 2421 in 2421 days.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

As we scouted this high water area off the highway, I noticed a snake slithering nearby.  Gently pulling Teddy away, I steered her away from our friend.  She is definitely NOT a fan of snakes!  We set up and had to paint fast, because that light was fading fast.  The wildlife was out - I also saw a muskrat and another snake swimming in that creek before we called it good.  It is amazing how different this creek looks each year I return to it!  Always beautiful!  Painting number 2420 in 2420 days.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Humboldt Penguins

These sweet little Humboldt penguins are so personable!  These two are very social, and seemed to have a deep conversation with each other.  In fact, they posed for me longer than I needed, and didn't move from the spot until dinner was served. And then, they were not in a hurry, either!  It has been super fun painting at the Kansas City Zoo!  Painting number 2419 in 2419 days.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Klenke Garage

What started as a beautiful afternoon for painting soon turned into a storm with high winds and hail!  Set up across the street in a bank parking lot, I sketched my lines with paint and started leisurely laying in color. There was plenty of time before the sunset paint, after all.  As the horizon darkened, I started painting a little quicker.  As the line approached, I suggested to my painting friend to be ready for a  quick take down.  I finished up as the first raindrops were falling, and rushed away from the storm.  Now, we're having a "car party" and waiting out the worst of it!  Painting number 2418 in 2418 days.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Fish Creek Marina

Painting by the water is SO peaceful!  The lapping of the waves against boat and dock are rhythmic, and time slips by without notice.  It is just me, my brush and my subject, and the occasional onlooker.  Sometimes, I'm so in the zone that when I turn to back up, I'm surprised to have an audience!  I laugh, we visit, and I return to the real world for a while. Painting number 2417 in 2417 days.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Kansas City Zoo Entrance

I had planned to paint this entrance right after sketching it with ink and watercolor, from a distant hill.  As I finished that first sketch, the backlight became very strong, darkening all details in the foreground.  So, I went in and painted animals!  The next morning, the light was not inspiring, so after scouting several angles, I went in again to paint the animals.  Checking the light a couple of times during the day, I was still uninspired.  Finally, as I decided I might be done for the day, I walked out to see the light on the face of the buildings.  Now this was something I could paint!  So, I set up my oils and captured this in paint, before packing up for the day.  Painting number 2416 in 2416 days.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Elephants at the Zoo

Spending time in nature, with these amazing large elephants, has been such a wonderful experience.  As a painter, I'm set up for a longer period of time, really studying the animals.  Studying them with ink and watercolor as they move back and forth has been surreal. I can't wait to paint them in oils, now that I'm familiar with them!  Painting number 2415 in 2415 days.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Flamingos in the Zoo

I spotted these beauties yesterday afternoon from the tram - and added them to my list of "must paints".  The best part of plein air is getting to spend time in nature with your subject!  These graceful, delicate birds made delightful noises as they chattered, and were constantly herded out of the water by the black necked swans.  As they walked up the hill a new boss met them - a large stork, who bullied them up to the fence, and then went back to primping and preening.  These birds all have so much personality!   I'm having so much fun painting at the zoo!  Painting number 2414 in 2414 days.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Penguins at the Zoo

It was a perfect day for painting animals at the zoo!  Getting an early start, this was my second painting of the morning.  With so many penguins on display, I could easily paint them.  I first sketched their shape, and if they hadn't moved much, I quick painted their colors in.  Often one had turned away, so I would find one in a similar pose and use him for my model instead.  Most animals will circle back to their positions, so I work on another until that happens.  It has been a long time since I've painted here - it is great to be back!  Painting number 2413 in 2413 days.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Fish Creek Marina - Alibi Dock

I love coming to a place like this to paint!  With so many boats docked, and the golden hour approaching, I jumped into the paint quickly!  Everyone is so friendly along the water, many stopping to visit while I worked.  One of those people happened to own one of the boats in this painting - and this painting went home with her!  Love when that happens!  Painting number 2412 in 2412 days.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Morning at Cave Point

The morning light is breathtaking at Cave Point!  From high on my perch, I could see right into that yellow green water to the rock slabs below, and I had to paint it.  As I set my tripod up very close to the edge, I checked to see if the ground was solid under that back leg.  It was not!  So I backed up a couple inches to prevent my favorite easel from dropping to the water below!  Very quiet on arrival, the tourists were in full force by the time to I packed up my gear. It became so busy that I was a little afraid of someone bumping me over the edge!  Just another glorious day at the office!  Painting number 2411 in 2411 days.