Thursday, October 31, 2019

Oreo II

Who knew I would have so much fun painting goats?  Always intrigued by their playful personalities, I am now getting to explore them with ink and watercolor.  As with everything, the correct likeness is all about the angles.  On this one, I started with the top of the head, working down the planes of the face.  It always feels funny to me to "shrink" the body so when it is in the background. I am careful to connect those lines where I see them, as they branch out from the head.  It always works to stay with what I see, instead of what my brain is telling me!  Painting number 2501 in 2501 days. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Old Bank Building at Night

This old bank building stands proud and glorious on Main Street, as it has for well over a century. I love the lines and arches here, and they continue at the west side of this block.  This may be the very first thing I painted when arriving in town, many years ago.  It still calls to me. This year, I've painted it twice!  I don't think I'll ever tire of this beautiful building. I wish all buildings were built like this one.  Painting number 2500 in 2500 days. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Farm on 105

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I have a tiny sketch kit that fits in my armband for those impromptu painting opportunities while running.  The North Coast Inland Trail is beautifully pastoral, and those farms call to me as I pass them.  I try to run the first half without stopping, saving my paint stop for the way back.  Each nice day is a gift, winter is coming after all.  Painting number 2499 in 2499 days. 

Monday, October 28, 2019

Oreo Standing

Oh my!  What a wonderful goat to paint!  His markings are fabulous, and his personality shows in every pose!  It is such a treat to hone my "goat painting" skills on such a beauty!  It just makes me so happy just to paint him, could this be "goat therapy"?  Painting number 2498 in 2498 days. 

Sunday, October 27, 2019

White Barn in Autumn

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I have been at my parent's house many times as the leaves begin to change.  Each time, I am drawn to this barn and the golden maple leaves that turn in profusion.  So much beauty in this season, with winter waiting in the wings. There are four views from the house that are amazing, and hopefully I can capture them before the leaves drop!  Painting number 2496 in 2496 days. 

Saturday, October 26, 2019


This little guy has SO MUCH personality!  Just look at that face!  With india ink and my favorite Levenger Raven black, I sketched the outlines before adding watercolor to the masses.  Just painting this little darling puts a smile on my face!  So glad Sharla shared his photo with me!  Painting number 2495 in 2495 days. 

Friday, October 25, 2019

Butterfly and Snapdragons

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These red snapdragons are really putting on a show this fall!  Taking a break from my basement duties, I just had to do a small ink and watercolor of this scene!  Snapdragons sure are complicated little flowers to paint - I'm not sure I did them justice!  This is the first time I've drawn them, I haven't had them in my garden for many years. I certainly have to paint then again!  Painting number 2394 in 2394 days. 

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Kansas City Downtown in Metal

As I explore this medium, I find it particularly suited for architecture.  Working a larger piece has it's challenges.  It is tricky to keep the metal from bending as I constantly turn it over and over, pushing at the planes of the buildings.  I keep trying out new tools to work the metal, picking up the plastic ones more often than not. The metal ones work okay for the copper side, but seem too abrasive for the aluminum side.  Who knows what tools I'll try next?  Painting number 2493 in 2493 days. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Mississippi River Overlook

The sky color reflecting off the water of this Mississippi River changes with every cloud bank.  What started as slate blue, turned icy, then warm as the sun peaked through.  The current looks rather swift, as movement is continuous on the surface. The trees are just starting to show their fall color, and the temps are certainly dropping!  It always takes me a few days to acclimate, and yes, I'm missing those 90 degree days!  Painting number 2492 in 2492 days. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Field of Dreams

Who knew the Field of Dreams was a real place - and that I'd get to paint there?  Not only is it a beautiful farm with outbuildings, there were also baseball players in vintage attire out on the field!  Our host was gracious, and we had a wonderful night of painting, food truck bbq, and commemorative wine hanging from our necks on a lanyard!  Wowza!  How did I ever get so lucky?  Painting number 2491 in 2491 days. 

Monday, October 21, 2019

Bee and Bachelor Buttons

When asked for another painting just like this for the current Flint Hills show at the Buttonwood Art Space, I searched on my blog for the image for reference.  I try to always get a shot on location, which gives me all the information I need to paint another.  Well, I couldn't find it.  I did not post anything about this painting.  In fact, the only reference I could find was the submission photo for the current show!  I often paint so many more paintings than one a day, and who knows how many I forget to even photograph.  Painting number 2490 in 2490 days. 

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Western Auto Building in Metal

With each piece of metal I work, I find new ways of using some of the "tools" I've collected.  Some of the metal tools can be a little too abrasive, leading me to use some of my plastic sculpting tools. I can be a little more forceful with them, with less worry of pushing clean through.  I am really enjoying this work, and love exploring new tools with each one!  Painting number 2489 in 2489 days. 

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Fairfield Courthouse

SOLDHeading into town with every intention of checking in early and turning in work, the morning light on the courthouse had me pulling over the car!  Before I knew it, I was sketching this out in ink, and soon adding in the watercolor.  I stood at my car and worked, visiting with onlookers as they passed.  I even set my watercolor half pans on top of my trunk, as if it were my desk!  I can paint anywhere, it's all about the process.  This painting now has a home at the Victorian on Main.  Painting number 2485 in 2485 days.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Brazen Inked

SOLDAfter delicious street tacos at the Night Market from the Brazen booth, the light drizzle turned into rain.  Looking for a shelter from which to use my ink, I chose the wide overhang at tree front of their restaurant.  I loved all that perspective, with all lines leading into the scene.  As I worked my lines on the 100% cotton rag paper, I could feel the texture changing under my pen.  The paper was absorbing so much moisture from the air, the ink was beginning to spread on it's own!  Finishing as quickly as I could, I tucked the painting in my bag, shielding it from the rain.  Once it was safe in my car - a much drier environment, I could relax.  I waited until I returned to my host home to safely frame this one.  Another time, I did not react so quickly. That painting bled into one black blob!  Thank goodness I learned from that mistake!  Painting number 2484 in 2484 days.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Good Morning Dubuque

What a beautiful morning for plein air painting on Main Street!  Crisp and cool with the golden light spreading across the street, I started sketching out my composition with paint.  I've been using a Grey Matters round brush for this, and it is holding up well! I bet I've used it on 200 paintings, and still that brush holds its form.  I am going to get more of these!  Perhaps the  best part is that light does not reflect off that brush while outside painting.  Nothing worse than being blinded by the light bouncing off that metal!  Painting number 2481 in 2481 days.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Blue on Jackson

I have been drawn to this building each year I've been in Dubuque, but this is the first time I've ever painted it!  Crazy and complicated, I had to start from one central point and work my way out, slowly and methodically, like working a puzzle!  SO challenging and so fun - this structure is so rewarding to paint!  I'm happy this painting has a new home! Painting number 2480 in 2480 days.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Clock Tower in Copper

Choosing a spot on Main Street to get this vantage, I started by sketching with a rounded metal tool.  With metal, I have to keep working from one side to the other, gently working the metal until I achieve the results I'm looking for.  I am learning with each one, I only wish I had brought more copper with me.  It is super cool for architecture!  Painting number 2479 in 2479 days.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

October Farmer's Market

So happy I could capture the last farmer's market of the season!  It is in the 30's this morning, and that strong wind was brutal!  Such a shock from the 90's of last week in Fairfield,  Illinois!  Thank goodness I had enough layers, and I've had all week to acclimate to the colder temps.  I actually wore gloves to do this ink and watercolor - something I never do!  I much prefer the textile feel of the tools in my hand.  But, it was okay!  A little looser than usual, but I got used to it quickly.  This is the only painting left from my week's work in Dubuque, and I didn't get it turned in until 1:30.  What a week!  Painting number 2478 in 2478 days.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Into the Annual Garden

This is my first time at the Dubuque Arboretum, and what a treat!  I landed in the annual garden, though it was a hard choice!  The Japanese and English gardens were also calling my name - if only I had more time!  I only had one 11x14 panel left, so I used it for this gorgeous place.  The painting unfolded very naturally, I am so at home in a garden.  There is something to be said for painting what you know and love.  As patrons walked through the garden, visiting with me, one little boy asked if he could paint.  Certainly!  I gave him one of my long handled brushes, and loaded it with pink paint.  I then showed him the flower bed that he could paint that flower into.  He laid down a perfect flower!  Then each sister got to paint one, too!  The next time they passed me, he told me how much he loved to paint!  You can clearly see their prominent flower brushstrokes!  Perhaps I can get them to finish all of my garden paintings?  Painting number 2477 in 2477 days.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Twilight at Charlotte's Coffee

SOLDI returned this morning to nail down the last strokes on this twilight painting of Charlotte's Coffee House.  These charming buildings have suffered through a terrible fire since I've last been here, and have only been open since August 29th.  The inside is as beautiful as ever, and the sweet aroma of scrumptious goodies and coffee wafts out the door as I paint!  I am so happy to be painting Dubuque again!  Painting number 2476 in 2476 days.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

View from 11th and White

I got four different panels stamped for this morning's quick paint, two for oil and two for watercolor, not knowing what I would choose.  Arriving at Charlotte's Coffee, I scouted the intersection.  I was looking for something simple, as it was a QUICK paint, but alas, the whole street appealed to me.  So, using my last long sheet of paper, I started sketching out the whole street!  I had to sit in the sun, so I used the light pole beside me to shade my paper as I worked.  Many people came by and visited, and the time passed quickly!  I finished complex scene just in time, and this painting has a new home!  Painting number 2475 in 2475 days.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Night at Brazen

Oh how I love painting at night!  It is so fun to try to capture the magic of special places at night, where all I am painting is the light. All these years, I have started with a dark surface before beginning a nocturne.  Last week, I didn't have time to prepare one, so started with a light surface.  I loved it.  In fact, I doubt I'll go back to the dark side anytime soon!  I can see all of my colors better on a light surface.  Can't wait to do it again!  Painting number 2473 in 2473 days.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Leading to Mines of Spain

SOLDWhile trying to work our way out to some farmland, I drove right to a "road closed" sign, where cement barriers blocked entry.  Loving the look of this old bridge, of course we had to check out the view!  Amazing!  I have been longing for a winding creek to paint, and here it is!  What a beautiful way to start a Monday!  Painting number 2471 in 2471 days.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Looking Down Central

This gorgeous building is a Dubuque icon!  Towering above the streets, it's beautifully complex lines are a jaw dropper - and quite a challenge!  After finding my view, I start with one central mass, and spread all lines from there, always checking the relationship of one line to another. I would never have tried this two years ago, but with all the daily drawing since, I seize the challenge!  Nothing more invigorating than mastering those lines!  Painting number 2670 in 2670 days.

Hollyhock in Copper

Today, I am trying this new metal working on a floral subject - my hollyhocks!  These beauties are one of the largest varieties I have seen outside of Door County, in fact I may have gotten my seed up there!  I like to bring little starts and seeds back to my garden from my travels.  I still think the strong lines of architecture are more suited to the metal, but who knows?  There are so many subjects to explore - and I have yet to try the nickel!  I think I'm really going to like that, too!  Never enough time for all I want to do, it seems!  Painting number 2469 in 2469 days

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Panera Bread in Brookside

As I visited with artist friends at an outdoor table at Starbucks, I found I had enough time to sketch this miniature ATC painting of Panera Bread across the street.  I love this whole Brookside area with it's rich character and charm. and it is a joy to get to paint here with friends.  Art Mob meets once a month on third Thursdays, and I always try to go when in town.  Special treat?  Liz brought her adorable baby girl - so I got my "baby fix", too!!  Painting number 2468 in 2468 days.

Friday, October 4, 2019

2714 Wilson Lane


I am nearly always the first one up, enjoying those quiet moments before the day starts in earnest. While waiting for the girls to get ready for the day, I stepped out for a quick painting of our charming B and B!  This place is so roomy inside and very comfortable - a perfect place to come back to after a day full of painting!  Next time, I'll try to remember to get a clear photo before packing up!  Painting number 2467 in 2467 days.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Wine Stroll on Main

The Wine Stroll in Marceline is so well attended, and a lot of fun to participate in!  I had turned in my last painting for the plein air event when I walked out of the gallery to see this scene.  What grabbed my attention was the bright turquoise VW Bug - but it was soon blocked by festival goers!  So, I got in what I could of the bug, and filled in the rest of the scene while it was completely blocked!  LOL - at least it didn't drive away!  Painting number 2466 in 2466 days.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Farm Fresh Pumpkins

This afternoon I am painting a little slice of autumn out on the front porch!  I love the crisp, cool mornings that turn warm in the afternoon, though no leaves are turning here yet.  I'm so happy to have my own little pumpkin patch, and am anxiously waiting the bright flush of orange on those vines!  I am trying a new, thinner version of my favorite paper, and I like it!  I still prefer the heavier weight, but with a light hand, this paper works out perfectly for my style of ink and watercolor.  Painting number 2465 in 2465 days.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Beau in Copper!

I LOVE experimenting with all things art!  There is something very satisfying in working metal from both sides to achieve the desired results.  The more I work the masses, the more pliable the metal becomes, and the more definition I can achieve.  This metal working is so new to me that I am still trying exploring the methods and tools.  Almost anything can be used to push that metal, a dull pencil, rounded brush handles, even plastic sculpting tools - nothing too sharp or that metal will pierce!  This "little" darling is our Beau, who is forever bringing treasures in from the pasture.  His latest gift?  A young opossum - playing opossum on the front porch!  I had to make him drop it before coming inside!  Painting number 2464 in 2464 days.