Monday, October 31, 2016

Road to the Salem Country Church

Early Sunday morning, I slipped out to find the perfect painting spot.  The little gravel road winding through town was irresistible, and I set up my easel along side the road (although, the best vantage was from the middle of the road, I resisted)!  The early sunlight spread across the landscape, and I marked it first, followed by the shadows.  The wind was down, which made for a much easier paint than yesterday - painting in the wind can really be a battle!  This painting unfolded naturally, in this peaceful, quiet setting.  Painting number 1392 in 1392 days :)
Oil on panel, 10x8
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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Phillips on Route 66

What started as a warm and sunny morning soon turned to a chilly, overcast afternoon.  I have waited years to paint this remarkable vintage gas station  - and I was not going to let the weather deter me!  This Phillips 66 used to be located on the historic Route 66, and has been relocated to Red Oak II in Carthage, Missouri.  I began this painting with a quick sketch with pastel, and followed that quickly with my paints.  Wanting to paint a 12x9, 8 had to reprime my last board, changing it from a night format to a day color.  In this case, I tried out a purple gray underpainting, thinking the color would vibrate well with the particular hues of this scene.  I like it!  It was a little challenging since I have not used this underpainting before, but I think I will try this again!   Painting number 1391 in 1391 days :)
Oil on panel, 12x9
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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mother-in-Law's House

What a wonderful way to kick off our Red Oak II painting workshop!   This was the first demo of the day, and a fabulous little house full of character!  I have wanted to paint this scene since the first time I saw it years ago!   The early morning light was beautiful, and the perfect light for this landscape.  After a quick block in, I brought the painting to completion - then started making the rounds to help the students.  The weather could not have been nicer - and the place is simply charming!   I am looking forward to holding future workshops here, too!   Painting number 1390 in 1390 days :)
oil on panel, 12x9
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Friday, October 28, 2016

Bridge over the Mississippi

Arriving in Dubuque rather late in the day, I got checked in and headed in search of a painting location.  Without enough daylight left for scouting, I went straight to the Mississippi River.  This happened to be the Riverwalk, and two of our missouri painting friends were there painting, too!  No time for chit chat, we jumped in painting.  As you can see, it was almost dark by the time we finished this first painting in Dubuque!   Painting number 1389 in 1389 days  :)
oil on panel, 12x9
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Waldo Mausoleum

What a special Halloween treat to paint at the Elmwood Cemetery this morning with the Art Mob!   Painting with a couple of my favorite artists and roomies at the ranch, we relived a few of our haunted tales as we worked!   Could anything be more appropriate for the season?  The grounds here are so beautiful - and the autumn color beginning in the mature trees was a joy to capture!   On such an unreasonably warm day, this was plein air perfection......and I think we're in for a whole weekend of such perfection for the fall foliage workshop!!  Painting number 1388 in 1388 days :)
Oil on panel, 9x12
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rex and Wine Glasses

Pulling out a little Rex Goliath and a couple of wine glasses, I set up a still life with the upcoming paint party in mind.  Starting simply, my brushes took on a mind of their own, and before I knew it, the painting grew into something too complicated to teach in a two hour segment!  Oh well, I will try to reign myself in next time.  As for this painting, I really like the depth and energetic stroke work, and the vibrant color is just what I wanted!  Painting number 1387 in 1387 days  :)
Oil on panel, 11x14
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Clouds of Change

I sprained my ankle 2 1/2 weeks ago, and today was my first day back to one of my weight classes.  I could only tolerate pilates and free weights up until today, so this was a challenge.  I hung in there as well as possible, and now I'm drained and my ankle is a little sore.  So, I got in a quick sky painting before the rain moves in.  The color changes are more subtle here, and the shift in the weather is reflected in the clouds.  I think I'm due a little down time now, so I can get up and do it again in the morning.   Painting number 1386 in 1386 days :)  
Oil on panel, 7x5
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Monday, October 24, 2016

Sunset over the Creek

I find myself checking the sunrise and sunset times each day on my phone.  I have started concentrating on sunrises and sunsets lately, and have begun work in this series.  The blues of the sky begin very violet above my head, and warm to a turquoise as they near the horizon.  Clouds take on a variety of shades as they approach the light - and every sky is different!  From blue violet to Naples yellow pale, the clouds turn colors in minutes.  I never know when the peak color will be, until it starts to fade!  Some days, the peak comes early, and on others it intensifies right until it is gone!  I blend with my softer brushes, and even my finger at the end - for the best results.  I can't wait to see how a little focused study affects my work!   Painting number 1385 in 1385 days.
Sunset over the Creek
oil on panel, 6x6
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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Riesling for Two

I have always been drawn to cobalt blue glass!  The vivid color is so rich, especially when light plays with the surfaces.  I grabbed a couple of my favorite wine glasses and a bottle of riesling for this still life, and had most of it painted before dinner.  Michaela returned home from college just in time to go with me to a sorority event, and then I finished the last few strokes on this painting.  I feel like I am getting faster than ever at putting in paint what I see before me!  Painting number number 1384 in 1384 days. 
oil on panel, 5x7
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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Missouri Sunrise

I have always loved sunrises - and sunsets, for that matter.  The colors magnify so during those fleeting times of day.  I have found that they are so much easier to paint from life!  The trick is to wait until the colors begin, before laying a single stroke.  Otherwise, I find I am chasing the light, which never works en plein air!   I am going to make a conscious effort to paint as many of these as I can, until they one day drop effortlessly from my brush.  Painting number 1383 in 1383 days :)
oil on panel, 6x6
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Friday, October 21, 2016

Sunrise over the Farm

Sunrise Over the Farm
Oil on panel, 10x8
Waking early, I kept an eye to the sky during my pre-dawn run.  The clouds had spread across the sky in a beautiful pattern, and it looked like the sun was going to work some magic upon rising.  I didn't even go back into the ranch house, but headed for my gear in the trunk.  Having already decided on my position, I set up my easel quickly and started blocking in masses.  No time for sketching, the color was beginning!  It was like running a race against the clock - just to get this scene painted before the fleeting pinks and turquoises were gone!  I love painting this time of day - I wish I could manage it more often!  This painting makes 1382 in 1382 days :)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch
Shreve's Pumpkin Farm
Oil on panel, 10x8
I have heard about this Pumpkin Farm each year, but this is the first time I found the time to come paint it!   What a treat!  Shreve's is the perfect October painting venue, complete with pumpkins, mums and all things autumn!   I love painting pumpkin farms - and this is only the second time I've done so!  I simply must plant my own patch next year!!  Painting number 1381 in 1381 days :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Five Glasses

Choosing five of my wine glasses, I set them up on a table, and started sketching them.  I am working on this for an upcoming wine and paint party.  I am keeping the colors more neutral, and I am thinking about what could be easily taught with good chances for success.  After sketching, I fill in the masses with the dominant colors.  With some loose brushwork, these masses have more interest.  In using my three favorite brushes all month, I find I am again returning to my connoisseurs.  They move stiffer paint more effectively, and their bristles are so thick that they never separate like the Bristlons do.  I still love the Silver Silverwhite synthetic brushes for finish work, though.  They will lay paint right on top of wet paint, without brushing into the bottom layer.  Very nice.  This rather contemporary painting is number 1380 in 1380 days.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wine Bar

Arriving a few minutes late to the quick paint (due to a long line of trucks backed up and stopped), Teddy and I first headed to the bar for a glass of wine.  It was a cold and drizzly day, so a good merlot was necessary to help keep me warm!  This old building is so charming!   I love the great lines and color, and that color popped with the rainy backdrop.  I seem to get loose and a little free with my color when in such a setting, and I'm not sure why.  I just feel it to my core, and go with it.  The rain held off, and I really like the way the strokes came together.  I can't wait to tackle more urban stuff, I just heard about a new urban show in February, and I feel something large coming on!  Painting number 1379 in 1379 days :)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sergio's Ride

Before last week, I had only drawn one motorcycle ever, and I had never painted one.   This week, I have painted 11 - all of them in night scenes!  The nocturne was set up by the organizers of Bluffstrokes plein air event, and several motorcycles were parked outside of 1st and Main, under a street light with a freshly painted mural by a graffiti artist as the backdrop.  What fun it was to capture the scene!  I love taking liberties with the color!  I am painting this one from my previous painting reference and a photo of my favorite bike.  This painting makes 1378 in 1378 days.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Martha's Gardens

What a fabulous opportunity!   I have never gotten the chance to paint a farmer's market - until today!  Arriving early, I scouted the whole market before deciding on this lovely flower vendor.  The umbrellas and flowers bounced color all over the place, Making it a joy to capture in oils.  People stopped and visited with me throughout the painting, and everyone in the market was cheerful!  This event has been so fun - the organizers, the city, and the patrons have been so friendly and helpful!  I am definitely returning to this town to paint!   Painting number 1377 in 1377 days :)

Friday, October 14, 2016

Fall over the Mississippi River

After turning in our work for judging this morning, it was time for a large Chai late at Charlotte's Coffee House and a little plein air at Eagle Point.  The leaves are turning even more than a couple days ago, and this place on the bluff called out to me.  The Mississippi River flows in the background, and the foreground yellow foliage was magnificent.   It has been such a joy to capture the beauty of Dubuque in oils.   This is painting number 1376 in 1376 days :)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Footpath Along Catfish Creek

On recommendation from an artist friend, we ventured out to the Mines of Spain park today. Another beautiful park of Dubuque, this place has a wonderful creek running through it.   The sunlight skimmed the surface of the water, and the shadows stretched across.  Morming was magical, and autumn is just touching the foliage of the trees.  This certainly was a good day to spend out painting en plein air!  Painting number 1375 in 1375 days. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Truck Tagging on Jackson

Oh my gosh!   This was a super fun nocturne paint out!   I have never been to an event like this one!   In downtown Dubuque, there was a graffiti artist painting a truck trailer outside of a club at 10th and Jackson, and four of us artists were brave enough to tackle this nocturne in the dropping temps.   So many people came by to visit and show their support - and I was even brought a hot toddy to warm me up!  Everyone I've met is SO nice in Dubuque!  This painting sold off the easel tonight, and is my 1374th in 1374 days :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hilltop Charm

This 1800s home sits on top of a bluff, looking out over the Mississippi River.  I knew I had to paint it as soon as I saw it!  Dubuque is full of whole neighborhoods of these elegant jewels, so many still in their glory days.  Tonight's artist reception at the Museum of Art was wonderful!   Wine, Magoo's Pizza, Caesar salad and art  - what is better than that?  This painting is 1373 in 1373 days :)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Charlotte's Coffee House

After getting a local recommendation for a wonderful coffee shop, three of us Kansas City artists headed to Charlotte's Coffee Shop on White Street and 11th.  What a charming place!  All three of us set up our easels and started painting!  Plein air painting must be a novelty in Dubuque, because we got a lot of funny looks!   Quite a few people stopped to see what we were doing, some openly staring in wonder - and so many commented on the paintings.  Once finished, we went in for a little lunch and pie - which was delicious!!  The shop keeper purchased my painting, and dessert was on the house!  What could be better than this? Painting number 1372 in 1372 days :)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Winding through Fairfield

As I starred scouting out my quick paint location, nothing jumped out at me.   Having already wasted 15 minutes of my 2 hours of time, I headed to the car for faster scouting.   I simply needed to be within earshot of the church bells.  Spying this creek from the road, I knew it wound be my subject!  The rich color of the water was captivating, and that lovely bit of golden light streaking through the middle ground was fabulous!  I hope to paint a large painting of this scene one day.  I could look at this every day!   Painting number 1371 in 1371 days :)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Trotter Farm

What a gorgeous day it was for painting en plein air!   The last full day of the event found me painting like crazy!   This amazing trotter farm was a beautiful place to spend the day painting.  Clay and Buddy Simpson were gracious hosts - even letting us use their gator for hauling our gear and scoutingthe property!  Fairfield rant does have the most friendly people!  This painting is the 1369th in 1369 days, and it sold tonight at the art sale  :)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Footbridge Daydream

Another fabulous day in Fairfield for plein air painting!  This was a free day, so we could choose our painting locations, and I returned to the Leo French Park.  I love the way the afternoon light spills across the creek, and the deep shades of the water were mesmerizing.   This is such a peaceful place to paint.  I have really enjoyed this week in Fairfield, and I will be sorry to see it end.  Painting number 1367 in 1367 days.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Home on the Lambrich Farm

Another perfect day in Fairfield, Illinois!  The temperature was perfect, with only a few sprinkles of rain.  The Lambrich Farm was such a beautiful place to paint!  At noon, we were called in to a full lunch of home grown burgers, baked beans, real macaroni and cheese, and three kinds of desserts to die for!  We are so spoiled here in Fairfield!   This pastoral farm is painting number 1366 in 1366 days :)

Night in Fairfield

We arrived this afternoon, and checked in to the Dickie Ranch before heading to Fairfield for the Fall Foliage paint out.   I am staying in a seven bedroom vintage farmhouse with eight other artist friends in Wayne County.   Tonight's painting kick off was the nocturne paint, and I chose the wonderful old law office building did my subject.   The architecture is so fabulous, and the glow of the street lights added dick an ambiance to the whole scene.  The residents came out to visit us as we worked tonight - and it was so good took at them again!  Painting number in 1366 in 1366 days :)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Bluebird Flying

Another unbelievably busy day, and one more bluebird as requested from my daughter!   I love experimenting with the batik on rice paper method - everything about it is so unpredictable!  You never really know just how things will turn out until the very end!   This painting is number 1365 in 1365 days :)

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Last Light at the Pond

Thundering Oaks has been such a fabulous place to spend the weekend painting!  I'm sure there are many great locations I did not even get the chance to see, as I just kept setting up my easel as fast as I saw another wonderful composition!   It was rather late in the day when I started this one.  In fact, I doubted whether I should start another with so little light left, but the scene was calling..... The deep, cool shadow shades really made that "golden hour" light sing on the foreground stand of trees, so I HAD to paint it!  It was important to get those lights and darks marked quickly - because this light was fleeting!  By the time I finished, the glow was only a memory, with only my painting to record it's wonder.  Painting number 1364 in 1364 days. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Winding Mill Creek

Well, I have certainly spent the day painting a little slice of heaven!  Today was the first chance I have had to paint in the Independence paint out at Thundering Oaks.  Wow!  This beautiful estate has paintings in all directions!   Once I found Mill Creek, I remained in the creek bed the rest of the day!  Our hosts, Curt and Peter, graciously welcomed us and treated us all to a wonderful lunch complete with wine!  I was able to finish two large paintings today, and I hope to do the same tomorrow.  I am so fortunate to be able to paint this hidden jewel!   Painting number 1363 in 1363 days :)