Sunday, July 14, 2024

On Lakeside Beach

What better way to end this day than with a final paint on the beach at Lakeside?  Music wafted on the air from the sunset service as a cool breeze blew in off Lake Erie.  One my one, people walked down the pier and took seats along water's edge, in a daily ritual to watch the sunset.  This place is special, full of simple pleasures, family values and true community spirit.  I love painting here as much as I love being here.  It was so much fun to find patrons waiting at my booth spot to buy my paintings before I unpacked them!  I'm happy so many paintings find new homes today - as well as this one, tonight!  Painting number 5102 in 5102 days.

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Lakeside Waterfront - August Cup

 I chose this lovely path along Lake Erie for my second paint today, and was rewarded with sailboats sailing into my scene!  I'm so happy to capture the August Cup race in progress! What amazing luck!  Painting number 5101 in 5101 days. 

Friday, July 12, 2024

Afternoon on Walnut


It's great to be painting in Lakeside again - and the weather is absolutely perfect!  Returning to Walnut, I am looking towards the lake for this view, and sketching on ink and watercolor.  It's fun to visit with all the friendly people as they walk by.  I hope to do several more paintings in this charming downtown before leaving! This painting will be at the Wet Paint Sale on Sunday, down by the lake, near the Pavilion here in Lakeside, Ohio. Painting number 5100 in 5100 days. 

Thursday, July 11, 2024


I can't resist painting the garden phlox when it is in it's prime!  These blooms smell heavenly, sweet like lilac.  With ink I sketch the lines loosely, then float in color as I see it.  This is a small sketch to match my small painting window, an ATC size.  I hope they remain for weeks to come!  Painting number 5099 in 5099 days. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Garden Phlox

These blooms are so fragrant - the whole lawn smells almost of lilac. My very first starts were from Grandma Bessie's garden on Olive, where I helped to weed and tend, before running for lunch for all.  They were good days, learning to care for baby plants, while making memories to last a lifetime.  Now, those flowers bloom abundantly all over our property, and each time I see them, I think of Grandma Bessie.  Painting number 5098 in 5098 days. 

Monday, July 8, 2024

Butterfly and Lily


This afternoon finds me painting in my flowers - in between the many garden tasks!  I have been told this variety of lily is very old - pre-civil war, in fact. I have them everywhere, and have only seen them in another old property  - the home of Amelia Earhart in Atchison, Kansas.  Very full and vibrant, the butterflies love them - and this cloudless sulphur danced among them today.  With only a tiny painting window, I am painting small today, 3x4, and the texture is very rough.  A bit of a challenge on a small piece, to be sure. The very best part of this size is that I am quickly done!  Painting number 5096 in 5096 days. 

Friday, July 5, 2024

Phlox and Swallowtail


There's always time for a quick sketch in my garden - especially when the phlox are in their glory!  All of our recent rain has pumped up the vibrancy on these lovelies.  My very first start was from Grandma Bessie's house on Olive, many years ago.  I've planted them all over the property through the years, and now, their heavenly fragrance fills the air, and brings back memories.  Those are the very best flowers to surround oneself with. This one is headed to Powell Gardens for the Butterfly Festival and is painting number 5093 in 5093 days. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Zebra Plant


It is fun to sketch inside on this stormy day with a cup of hot tea and family.  I am working on a few butterfly paintings for Powell Gardens, so i added the little blue butterfly instead of the chicadees that were seeking shelter from the rain. After painting this beautiful zebra plant - I brought it home to enjoy in my own garden!  Painting number 5090 in 5090 days. 

Monday, July 1, 2024

Crossandra and Butterfly

Today was our Monday Morning Watercolorist gathering at Family Tree Nursery in Shawnee. Mom joined me and Michaela and the boys met us there, along with artist friends. We drove through the pouring rain to get there, abs it was totally worth it to paint in their greenhouse as the rain hit the clear roof. There were a few leaks, but we sat strategically at a lovely wooden table in the clear.  After painting this tropical flower from Sri Lanka, we shopped and stopped by Bill and Evelyn's house for a visit. Tonight was an impromptu game night with Michael, Travis, Tiffany, Mom and my brother's family. Another super fun and busy family day!  I brought this beauty home to my own garden, too!  Painting number 5089 in 5089 days.