Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Barn in the Trees

The Private Estate paint location is a well guarded secret, and all the artists caravan out to the location.  On arrival I spotted this barn from this angle and KNEW I had to paint here!  After a brief look at the creek beyond and the house and cabins, I returned to this spot.  I sketched this one in ink first, and decided to widen my view slightly on the painting.  Each time the sun popped out, I was quick to mark those lights and shadows, working elsewhere when heavily overcast.  This place was gorgeous beyond belief and the rain was perfectly timed!  This painting received Honorable Mention and has a new home tonight!  Painting number 2309 in 2309 days.

Monday, April 29, 2019

New Melle Afternoon

This was my first drawing in New Melle this afternoon, and I sat on the sidewalk to get this particular vantage point!  With rain threatening, I looked for the closest cover, which was across the street in front of the Post Office.  As soon as I finished getting in all the details, I tucked it into a plastic bag to protect it, moving directly to another painting.  It was not until this was walking out the door that I realized I didn't get a photo of it on site!  Thank goodness I caught this happy new owner in the nick of time!  Painting number 2308 in 2308 days. 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Early Morning at Lake Creek


I scouted 2 locations before deciding on the sweeping landscape with barn and house for my painting subject. A timed paint, I first wanted to sketch this complicated scene out. The act of sketching works out all the details in my mind before I start in with paint. That gorgeous light was fleeting, so I painted it in every time I saw it, skipping back to the masses when in shadow.  I really loved this location, even though I stood uphill sideways on uneven ground, blown by the wind and cold. Now THAT is a love of plein air!  This one came in second in the Lake Creek Paint Out and went to a new home afterwards!  Painting number 2307 in 2307 days of living the dream!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Water in the Fields

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The rain had not started when I arrived on location at the Katy Trail in Defiance.  As I set up my easel and grabbed a panel, the rain began to fall.  Seeking shelter behind Good News Brewing, the wind kicked up and blew the rain in.  I scooted back as far as I could, and kept pretty dry as I painted my 10x20 panel.  I am so thankful I brought my dad's heavy duty tripod along!  With winds gusting every day to 30 mph, this tripod hardly shifts as I work.  If I were using my former tripod, I would be hanging onto it with one hand while painting with the other!  Painting number 2306 in 2306 days.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Evening in the Vineyard

I could not have fit another painting into this day, no matter what!  This evening quick paint in the vineyard is my fifth painting of the day and I feel like I've run a marathon!  The light has been absolutely gorgeous, and rain is expected.  So how could I waste a minute of quality painting light?  Time spent painting in a vineyard is always time well spent!  Painting number 2305 in 2305 days.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Stream in the Quarry

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Oh how I love the beauty of this place!  The expanse of green space flanked with those majestic bluffs pulls me right in!  To top it off, high water has filled the dry creek bed winding through the scene!  I did not care about the many mosquitoes nor the light rain, until it got to heavy - and then I stood under an overhang until I finished!  I was a bit cold by the time I framed it, but SO happy to have spent the morning in such surroundings!  This has truly been good for my soul!  Painting number 2304 in 2304 days.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Twilight on Walnut Street

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After a wonderful welcome social at the Harmonie-Verein, Teddy and I headed to the heart of town for a twilight paint. This showy pink dogwood pulled us right in, and we were painting in no time!  Just before we finished, Jessica dropped off a bottle of wine to us on the street!  Only in Augusta do we have wine delivery while plein air painting!  Painting number 2303 in 2303 days.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Tree Pose Inked

Tonight I am getting a quick ink sketch in of a favorite yoga pose - the tree pose.  I'm using a favorite TWSBI Diamond mini fountain pen with a favorite ink, Levenger Raven Black. My paper of choice is 100% cotton rag with those rough deckled edges.  A little water pulls out the mid tones perfectly.  Painting number 2302 in 2302 days.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Sunset Meditation

Pilates and yoga are important parts of my weekly practice, sprinkled in amongst running, weights, zumba and high intensity classes. I love them all, but nothing centers and balances me like yoga, with it's very deliberate moves. Just inking and painting a pose brings the feeling of that position back to me.  I'm working on this one for an upcoming show at the Buttonwood to benefit the mental health community.  I think I'll do a little yoga now to finish the day!  Painting number 2301 in 2301 days

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter Eggs ATC

What a gorgeous day for an Easter celebration!  Family, friends, dinner and egg hunts filled the day, and only now are things back in order and I can unwind.  With a little ink and watercolor, I sketch a basket of eggs from today's egg hunt in ATC size.  Love the vibrant, happy colors - just painting them cheers my soul!  Just a little art therapy to end the day!  Painting number 2300 in 2300 days.  Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Boutonniere Making

Today has been full of wedding activities - from dress shopping to floral arranging, we finish this day with boutonnieres!  Realizing how late it is, I pick up my pens and do a quick sketch of the work in progress.  We hope to finish this all and clear the table for Easter dinner tomorrow!  Looks like we'll be burning the midnight oil again!  Painting number 2299 in 2299 days.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Hereford Quartet

Sometimes, I think I will finish a painting quickly, and then the process takes longer than expected. I was originally going to do a quick pen and ink with watercolor, but the color was so luscious!  It HAD to be painted in oil!  The golden hour light was perfect and fleeting - I hope to have many more chances at it this spring!  Painting number 2298 in 2298 days.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Hereford Trio

I've been playing with my paints this week, tweaking the colors I want on my spring palette. Today I added Winsor Newton's light red, for that warm Hereford red hue.  I had red oxide on there, but it just wasn't what I wanted. This red is perfect for old barns and herefords!  Painting number 2297 in 2297 days. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Spring Herefords

With the changing season, I have been switching between palettes, trying to decide just what to take out of town.  I used my Richeson palette all winter, having ordered them all in the fall.  It was great for winter, but could it move into spring?  I found almost everything I wanted in it today. I did add some of my favorite Gamblin radiants to it for that extra pop and highlight I find in the spring landscape.  I have hardly used them for months, but I don't want to leave town without them!  Perhaps this will be the perfect palette for my upcoming events!  Painting number 2297 in 2297 days.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Pink Azaeleas

We could not have had a more beautiful day for our Tri-County plein air meeting!  Good food, good friends and outdoor painting - a perfect meeting!  I wish all meetings were like this!  This painting is loose, fresh and contemporary with a mix of brush and palette knife work.  I spent so much time visiting that I left myself just 45 mintues to paint!  Painting number 2296 in 2296 days.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Cattle by the Pond

Spring colors are sweeping over the landscape, and overnight the pasture is green.  I couldn't find these guys this morning, and had to call my neighbor to discover they'd moved to a back pasture.  This turned out to be a treat as the cattle were lined up behind that pond, just waiting to be painted!  With high wind gusts today, it was necessary to keep one hand on my easel at all times!  And perhaps I should have chosen a smaller panel, the 16x20 really caught the wind like a sail!  Oh, but it was worth it. Painting number 2295 in 2295 days.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Hiking Cathedral Rock

Sedona is a gorgeous place for all things outdoors!  From hiking to sketching, there is a view in every direction.  This scene is on the hiking trail up Cathedral Rock, and sketched in ink.  I later came in with watercolors to capture those luscious red rocks.  Painting number 2294 in 2294 days.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Warrior 1 in the Vineyard

Yoga and pilates are wonderful disciplines for strength, in a quiet, centering way.  These practices give me a quiet peace and balance I don't find in my high paced interval and cardio classes.  Just sketching this pose in India ink, and layering the watercolor and hot wax, soothes and quiets my soul. I can feel the stretch, as if I'm in that moment, as the paint flows from the brush.  It's funny how the act of painting connects me so completely to a practice I love. Painting number 2293 in 2293 days.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Warrior 2 in Sedona

Yoga is an amazing way to center oneself, and gain strength through very thoughtful moves.  I like it best in the evening to unwind from a busy day, relaxing in the moment.  I have many favorite poses, but this Warrior 2 pose feels very empowering.  I'm drawing this one as a pre- sketch for a painting I plan to do for an upcoming "Beautiful Light" show at the Buttonwood, benefiting the Metropolitan Council for Community Mental Health Centers.  I'm thinking of watercolor batik.... Painting number 2291 in 2291 days.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Milk Barn Forsythia


Oh how I love the first colors of spring!!  The bright yellow of the forsythia and the yellow green of new grass - I had to capture it in oils!  A very balmy morning turned to 40 mph wind gusts with temps in the 50s.  It did not matter.  The colors were glowing out in the pasture and I had to answer their call.  Whenever I have to paint in the wind, there are a few tricks to make that job easier.  First, find a good wind break!  Mine is a very old, large, twisted osage orange tree once planted by my grandparents.  Second, small is better than large when it comes to easel and panel.  I'm using the Guerilla Painter thumb box pochade which I can hold in one hand while painting with the other.  My panel is very secure, no way for it to blow out.  Third, I wear a jacket with a hood to contain my hair - I do not need that hair whipping all over my paints and panel!  I hope this wind lets up, I have more spring to paint!  Painting number 2290 in 2290 days.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Pear Tree Blooms

After spending the entire day working in the gardens, I find I can hardly hold my pen!  Choosing tre closest blooming tree to the house, I sketch out tre blooms and branches of this pear.  These trees are outrageous with blossoms!  Why didn't I just capture the whole tree?  Maybe tomorrow.... if I can move....!  I think tomorrow I will paint first and then return to the yard.  I never know when to quit!  Painting number 2288 in 2288 days.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Milk Barn in April

I haven't pulled this sketchbook out since last August, and picked it up today to see only a few pages left.  I had planned to paint in oils this afternoon, even had them out, but just couldn't pick up the brush.  So, I took this favorite book outside in the warm and glorious day, and captured this old barn with her spring trimmings of forsythia and new grass.  The old barns will be getting a facelift this year to prepare for alpacas, so next spring this may be a very different scene.  Painting number 2287 in 2287 days.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Palette Knife Daffodils

What a gift this beautiful weather is!  Unable to stay inside, I spent the whole day working in the flower beds.  It's been so long since I've had a day like this, I had to take advantage of it!  With only a little daylight left, I grabbed my favorite palette knife to capture these beauties.  I sure hope the hard freeze expected Thursday doesn't nip them!  Painting number 2286 in 2286 days.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Lemon and Orange Trees

Arizona for spring break was an amazing idea!  So glad we finally got out to see Mike's parents!  The weather was just like summer - so refreshing after our very long winter!  How nice it was to step out and pick a lemon for my hot tea, and an orange for my breakfast!  Nothing is as good as fresh fruit from the tree!  Painting number 2285 in 2285 days.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Bluffs of Fox Hollow Trail

What a gorgeous morning for painting!  My first time at Lakeside Nature Center, I arrived early to scout out a painting spot.  Many volunteers were there for some spring cleaning of brush, so I walked past them to the limestone ridge.  Deciding on the path between boulders, I realized I had grabbed the wrong tripod from my trunk!  Rather than hike back to my car, I made due by holding my painting in one hand and brush in the other.  Biggest drawback?  I couldn't step back constantly to check the progress!  I will not make that mistake again!  The birdsong and gentle breezes were great accompaniment for a quick paint in the woods!  Wish I could stay all day! ainting number 2284 in 2284 days.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Miniature Daffodils

So fun to capture the first blooms of spring!  This cluster is all from a pot of miniature daffodils that I transplanted into the garden years ago!  Love how they are the first to bloom in abundance!  Painting number 2283 in 2283 days.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Wagon Rides!

Hard to believe this park is so close to me, and I only discovered it through a local plein air event with the Kansas City Parks!  Not only does this park have wonderful prairie views sunrise and sunset, the hidden, wooded lake down a trail east of the prairie is spectacular.  So, in one location, I can get two very different paintings!  The prairie grasses are already growing, can't wait to go back and paint it again!  Painting number 2282 in 2282 days.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Roasterie Batik

Oh how I love the unpredictable nature of watercolor batik on rice paper!  I can remember when I first started this technique years ago, and I was aggressive enough with that soft sable brush to wear a hole right through it!  It happened so fast, I simply couldn't believe it!  There are many, many times where painting experiments go awry, and on each one, I just try it one more time. Perseverance has perks!  Painting number 2281 in 2281 days.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Cathedral Rock Perch

These rocks are gorgeous as one drives towards Sedona. I was not prepared for how breathtaking they really are from the top of Cathedral Rock.  With a view that unfolds for miles, many formations can be seen in the distance.  The red color is so striking, it is a challenge just to match it - red oxide is a must for this blend.  I wish I had more time to hike each trail and capture the beauty in oils - I will definitely have to return!  Painting number 2280 in 2280 days.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Bill and Evelyn's Winter Home

How wonderful to spend family time with Mike's parents at their Arizona home!  The balmy weather was amazing, especially after the long, hard winter.  Getting off the plane in Kansas City to 31 degrees?  Not so amazing.  Longing for summer already!  Painting number 2279 in 2279 days