Thursday, April 11, 2019

Milk Barn Forsythia


Oh how I love the first colors of spring!!  The bright yellow of the forsythia and the yellow green of new grass - I had to capture it in oils!  A very balmy morning turned to 40 mph wind gusts with temps in the 50s.  It did not matter.  The colors were glowing out in the pasture and I had to answer their call.  Whenever I have to paint in the wind, there are a few tricks to make that job easier.  First, find a good wind break!  Mine is a very old, large, twisted osage orange tree once planted by my grandparents.  Second, small is better than large when it comes to easel and panel.  I'm using the Guerilla Painter thumb box pochade which I can hold in one hand while painting with the other.  My panel is very secure, no way for it to blow out.  Third, I wear a jacket with a hood to contain my hair - I do not need that hair whipping all over my paints and panel!  I hope this wind lets up, I have more spring to paint!  Painting number 2290 in 2290 days.

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