Monday, October 31, 2022

Cottage Path in Autumn


I love spending Halloween morning painting at the historic Union Cemetery with friends! There is still some great autumn color here, though it is past the peak.  When setting up, my original plan was to concentrate on the trees, possibly leaving out the building.  With my love of historic buildings, I couldn't do it. I shifted my easel to the right to position the caretakers cottage more effectively.  I handled the whole painting rather loosely, and painted in under an hour.  What a lovely way to start the day!  Painting number 4381 in 4381 days. 

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Pumpkins Four

With ink, watercolor,, hot wax and patience - the beauty of these pumpkins emerge on Halloween Eve!  I have a new gallery to represent my Watercolor Batik Paintings - the Silver Sycamore Gallery in Sainte Genevieve, Missouri.  They have three pieces already, and I will be working on a few more from that beautiful town, to take there in March, when I'll be teaching a two day workshop on this technique.  If you've not been in that gallery, go take a look!  It is a beautiful space, located on an amazing corner in the historic town.  Painting number 4380 in 4380 days. 

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Red Door Welcome


I LOVE staying and painting at the Main Street Inn in Sainte Genevieve - where we ALWAYS get the VIP treatment!  In fact, my Mom's favorite room in the place is right behind those red doors, and with such an attractive corner - I couldn't resist painting it in the morning light.  This painting in not available because it is a special birthday gift for a special proprietor. Painting number 4379 in 4379 days. 

Friday, October 28, 2022

Autumn River Bank

 This autumnal painting is a very special technique, using rice paper, ink, watercolor and hot wax, layering between watercolor applications, until just the right image emerges.  It is so unpredictable that no painting can be replicated, and therein lies the beauty.  Upon request, I have given a handful of watercolor batik workshops, and now I will show these special paintings at one gallery.  Silver Sycamore Gallery in Sainte Genevieve will now show this work exclusively, and I will teach a two day workshop in the medium in March at the Gallery. I'm looking forward to this new partnership, and to painting some local icons exclusively for this gallery.  Painting number 4378 in 4378 days. 

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Autumn Path


I'm so happy to paint the peak color at Gasconade Fall Plein Air at the Lost Valley Lake!  I loved this path winding through the fall trees, and I just HAD to paint it.  This 35 minute wonder happened because I could not leave this space before painting it - and had only minutes to rush to turn in other work!  No better was to keep things loose and fresh!  Painting number 4377 in 4377 days. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Second Street in Rosebud

What fun to paint on the sidewalk, talking to all who walked by while shopping!  It was fun to immerse myself in the daily bustle of this small town, brimming with shoppers!  The pumpkins strewn about made for the perfect autumn landscape, too.  After the ink and watercolor, I framed and turned this one in before starting another.  Love that this painting now lives in the home who's sidewalk I was on! Painting number 4376 in 4376 days. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

1st and Sears


I love sketching the historic downtown streets of Owensville, Missouri, in ink and watercolor for the Gasconade County Plein Air event!  This was "Owensville Day" so I spent all my time on 1st Street, and didn't get to a couple of other places that I really wanted to paint!  These historic buildings tell a story, and I'm glad they are still standing to be painted. I see so many ruins of buildings in other small towns that are not so fortunate. Painting number 4375 in 4375 days and I'm happy this painting has a new home, too!  

Monday, October 24, 2022

Morning on 1st Street


I love capturing the charm of historic downtown Owensville in paint!  Staying just across the street, this was an easy site to get to on the morning of the Owensville paint day for the 4th annual Gasconade County Plein Air event.  Walking up and down the street, I liked this section most, especially lit by that morning sun.  I sketched it out in paint, then started filling in the masses, like putting together a puzzle.  Go see this one in person at Art Works On Main Gallery on 1st street, in Owensville - in fact, it is one of the buildings I painted! Painting number 4374 in 4374 days. 

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Evening on 1st Street


I always love painting at night, abs it is even more fun with artist friends! We gathered together on 1st Street, and I chose a favorite venue to begin my painting.  I am staying at the Merchant Townhouse above 1st Street Eats. This little Cafe fills up as soon as they open, and the food is amazing!  The left door is the one we enter to walk up the stairs in this beautiful old bank building.  It's fun to paint places that I'm connected with!  This oil painting is now avaliable at Art Works On Main in Owensville, Missouri and is painting number 4373 in 4373 days. 

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Autumn in Rosebud

I love painting the charming town of Rosebud, and for this painting I set upon 5th Street, right on 50 hwy.  I had a great vantage of Loeb's Mill and the whole row of historic buildings up the street.   The Rusty Gate had a beautiful fall display, and I couldn't resist the wholesome Americana oozing from this place!  So, I inked my composition, then added color using watercolor and gouache.  It felt like summer out there today - what a joy to paint! Come see this painting tomorrow and a dozen others painted since Wednesday in Gasconade County at the park by Rosebud Legion Hall, 11:00 to 3:00!  Painting number 4372 in 4372 days. 

Friday, October 21, 2022

Old Blue on the Farm


I'm so happy my effort on this Quick Paint was awarded tonight at the White Mule Winery!  Loving this whole scene from behind the barn, I backed up until I could see the entire space in front of my easel.  Farm equipment drove past me - kicking up dust, as did a gorgeous team of horses with a shiny red wagon!  The horses were off to give wine country rides, so I couldn't include them, too!  The best advice on a quick paint is to narrow your field and simplify, of which I did neither!  It was a bit of a struggle as I realized I had many masses to paint - and the minutes were ticking by!  I almost bit off more than I could chew on this two hour painting - and still, it was super fun!  In fact, it was exhilarating!  There is something about a real painting challenge that revs me up and gets my blood pumping.  I do so love plein air painting in all it's forms!  Painting number 4371 in 4371 days. 

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Autumn at Lost Valley Lake

It is SO FUN to explore a new place with paint!  The fall colors are really coming out now, and I just couldn't seem to paint fast enough!  After the ink sketch of the Lodge and boathouse on Lost Valley Lake, I decided to use my gouache paints for the color.  I love how they have a color punch that hits the mark sooner than watercolor - and lately I've been struggling a bit with getting strong color in the field.  I haven't painted any paintings with gouache, but I sure do like what they can do for me!  Painting number 4370 in 4370 days. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Red Oak Valley


It was a gorgeous morning to paint at Red Oak Valley Farm for Gasconade Fall Plein Air! There is SO much here to paint, that I stayed right up until turn in time and painted two more!  I love this collection of buildings sprawling in the farm - and the cattle strolled right into my painting as I worked!  And thank goodness they did, because they strolled right on out 20 minutes later - after its painted them in!  It was pretty cold out early, but I had all my warm weather gear on - so I was fine!  Love how the leaves are starting to change here - and I can't wait to capture it! Painting number 4369 in 4369 days. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Truckload of Gifts


As I walked along Main Street in Parkville, this scene captured my attention through the window.  One of my favorite shops, I took a quick spin and picked up a couple of "must haves".  As I checked out, I asked for permission to paint - and was warmly welcomed!  On my way to another location, it took me a day to get back - oh but when I did - this was so much fun to paint!!  Still in progress - this shot was taken before the "finish work" - and I didn't get another one!  What a special, one of a kind place to paint - I will remember this experience forever!  Thank you White Farmhouse Flowers for allowing me in to paint - and for purchasing this painting, too!  Painting number 4368 in 4368 days. 

Monday, October 17, 2022

Sunset on Union Chapel Rd


It's fun to explore a quick ink and watercolor sunset north of Parkville in the rolling hills of this farm!  I seldom choose watercolor for a sunset, opting most often for my oils, where layering of paint is quick and thick.  Watercolor is a completely different medium to approach the sunset with. Reserving my lights, and working on the landscape until the actual light appears that I want to capture, leaves the sky for the very last.  With a few strokes and adding more color in wet on wet, I am finished, and the sunset is fading.  This is such a peaceful place for such a scene.  I hope to get my own hay bales painted while they lay in the field!  Painting number 4367 in 4367 days. 

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Twilight Along the River Path


I seldom paint a twilight sky - but this was fun to capture the movement in the clouds, as color shifted from warm to cool.  Why don't I paint twilight?   Perhaps because it is even more fleeting than a flashy sunset?  There is something very beautiful and serene about this time of day, where all is quieting down and the walkers are heading back home as they share their day.  So lovely and peaceful - I wish I had time to run this trail before leaving.  The low light also made it difficult to get a good photo.  Painting number 4366 in 4366 days. 

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Rockhurst University Belltower


What fun it was to sketch on the campus of Rockhurst University as they celebrate the arts in October!  Calling it Artoberfest, the Kansas City Symphony was on site playing as artists and urban sketchers dotted the campus. The first 25 paintings completed today were framed and are now hanging in the Greenlease Gallery on site this weekend.  Love celebrating the arts in the community - and commemorating the day in paint!  Painting number 4365 in 4365 days. 

Friday, October 14, 2022

Rooster of Main Street


I love departing from my normal plein air landscape to paint something so fun - the Rooster of Main Street!  One of the themes for this week at Paint Parkville was "Nook and Crannies" - and this was what caught my eye with his bold and bright colors!  He's at the top of the street in front of Cafe des Amis - right by the outdoor menu.  Parkville is full of hidden treasures, and it's so fun to get to paint them!  ♥️🎨

Thursday, October 13, 2022

McCoy Meetin' House


It sure was a windy day for painting the McCoy Meetin' House on the campus of Park University!  Loving how it perches on this steep hill, I first wanted to sketch this dramatic composition.  I used my artistic license to push the green of the grass, which is all but green with this year's drought. The red brick of the historic old building called for that color in the landscape.  One of our themes is "historic buildings" this year at Parkville Plein Air, so I explored this place in paint.  I also played with the idea of focusing on on that bell tower, but didn't get to it this time.  Parkville is full of hidden treasures, and I'm so glad I get to search them out!  Painting number 4363 in 4363 days. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Stashworthy Fabric

What a special and unique opportunity it was to paint the interior of the Stashworthy Fabric shop on Main Street in Parkville!  I spent a little time selecting exactly what I wanted to capture - then started the sketch.  All of the gorgeous antique sewing machines in the windows grabbed me first - but all the special details pulled me around the room, calling to be painted. So, with ink and watercolor, I began the journey of capturing this place. An artist friend soon joined me to paint his own vision, and we caught up and visited as we worked.  I think the happiness of this place and the comraderie shines through in the painting - and I'm happy both our paintings have a new home here!  Painting number 4362 in 4362 days. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Autumn Comes to Centering Souls

When I arrived at this lovely location, the landscape was luminous, backlighting the turning leaves.  As I scouted all sides of the property, the distant view truly captured the essence of the day. Warm and sunny, the weather could not be nicer, and the winds were light where I stood.  After first sketching out my scene, I started dropping in the lights where I saw them - and with bold color strokes.  This is a great way to mark the lights and darks before they change - and a few clouds were popping up on the horizon.  From those first marks, I painted the light, reveling in the day, enjoying the experience.  Centering Souls is a creative space for pottery, clay work, and art of many kinds, and the way it nestles into the surrounding landscape is creative and inviting, too.  Painting number 4361 in 4361 days. 

Monday, October 10, 2022

Sunset at the Farmhouse on Union Chapel Road

What a peaceful place to spend the afternoon, painting the pastoral landscape surrounding this sprawling farmhouse.  The original part of the house hardens back to 1864, very old in this part of the state.  I love the stories these places tell, years standing on that hill with the glorious sunsets beyond.  Super fun to paint this place on such a beautiful day! Painting number 4360 in 4360 days 

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Chimeys at Cave Spring Park


I love getting to paint new (to me) KC trails during Walktober - sponsored by KC Parks every Sunday this month!  I've never even heard of the Cave Spring Park, so it was extra fun to explore this trail today.  With a map in my hand, I headed down the trail with my gear - and I didn't get far. When I reached the chimneys - ruins from a Masonic lodge from 100 years ago - I went no further!  The light was awesome and the leaves were turning, and I wanted to capture it in paint.  This one was a quick paint, which I arrived 30 minutes late, and still turned in 30 minutes early.  I hope the waterfall is running next time - the images of it brought me out here, and it's on my way to Parkville, too. Great day to be out painting AND hiking! Painting number 4359 in 4359 days. 

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Looking up Main - Across the Tracks


What a beautiful morning to start Parkville Plein Air - and I just HAD to paint the whole street scene!  Using a larger panel than usual, this one is 20x10. I am also trying a new tint to my gesso with this one.  I primed the whole panel in a cool gray that pushes a little to the green.  I seem to cycle through the colors trig the years - anything but white!  White is just too bright in the field - and all of it must be covered.  Composing this scene is a bit like putting together a puzzle - painting in each building as it fits, until the whole painting emerges.  It was so nice to visit with everyone as they walked by, Main Street in Parkville is such a friendly place.  This painting was in the top 4 in today's Purchase Award, and is painting number 4358 in 4358 days. 

Friday, October 7, 2022

Willie G on the T&T Farm

My first time painting in Wayne City brought me to this place to paint the flag barn.  Little did I know there would be several outbuildings and a famous pig modeling on the lawn!  This 300 pound beauty is a family pet who has his own following on social media and even does interviews! It was a lovely afternoon to paint - and I'm so happy my painting has a new home here as well!  Painting number 4357 in 4357 days. 

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Ponderosa Impressions


As part of my Artist Residency, I have a couple of "Artist Pop-ups" each week.  During this time, I choose something in my surroundings to paint, as onlookers watch and ask questions.  On this day, a cold rain dictated that we use the covered back porch for shelter.  I talk through my process, discussing what I do as I do it.  It is always fun to visit as I work!  This painting turned out pretty loose and fresh - very impressionistic.  The views are amazing at the YMCA of the Rockies in every direction - in fact, I need much more time here to paint it all!  Love how everyone I meet here is so very friendly, truly a wonderful place to spend some time.  Painting number 4356 in 4356 days.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Porch Welcome

I had seen the windmill from the road days before - and it was rusty!  With that painting in mind, I stopped by Willow Creek to see if I could get it painted.  I walked out here prepared to paint in oils, but found this charming porch scene!  I went back to my car for my ink and watercolor gear - and never did get that windmill painted!  This one is still available!  Painting number 4355 in 4355 day. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Evening Light on Second Street

After an amazing dinner and drinks on this lawn, I just HAD to paint this place at night!!  The lights illuminated the entry and spread out on the lawn, welcoming all to enter. Two other artists were staying to paint, so why not join in the fun?  It was a warm night, a lovely scene, and my paints were ready in the car - it ALWAYS pays to keep those Art supplies on board!  Painting number 4354 in 4354 days. 

Monday, October 3, 2022

Giant Zinnias


ANY time spent painting a garden is time well spent!  The Monday Morning Watercolorists met at the Anita Gorman Discovery Center for our weekly paintout, and I knew I wanted my oils for this place.  Without even scouting the grounds, I landed at the zinnias in the front community garden beds - along with two artist friends.  Its so fun to use thick, bold color right out of the tube on those petals - they almost seem to pop off the panel!  I find so much inspiration in a garden, and this one was a joyful paint - even though the hot dry weather is showing a bit on the leaves!  These blooms will go out in a blaze of glory, and are now immortalized on my panel. Painting number 4353 in 4353 days. 

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Retired on the Farm


Sometimes, I get a "painting" in my head, and it won't let me rest until I get it painted! I had seen this scene two days before, but didn't have time to paint it was time to get to the Car Show Quick Paint.  It stayed on my mind until I got back there on the last painting day to paint it.  It was a beautiful fall day, abs the early morning light was delightful. The cows tried to lure me away as they stepped into the water of the pond to my left, but I stayed on track, lol. So happy to have finished this slice of farm life, and glad this painting now resides right here at Shreves Pumpkin Patch.  Painting number 4352 in 4352 days. 

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Roses over the Fence


When I saw the roses spilling over that picket fence - I HAD to stop and paint them!!  This place always captures my artistic eye when I'm in Fairfield, Illinois.  The Victorian on Main is a wonderful Bed and Breakfast full of charm and culinary delights - and a lovely place to visit!  I knew I would use oils for this lush garden scene, and I sketched it on the panel with a paintbrush, and started laying in those lights, darks, and central colors where I saw them.  It was a cool morning, so standing in the sun to paint this warmed me up after an early morning paint in full shade.  It is so inspiring to paint a place like this - I lost track of time a little!  What better way to spend a couple hours than painting such beauty?  Painting number 4351 in 4351 days.