Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Autumn Comes to Centering Souls

When I arrived at this lovely location, the landscape was luminous, backlighting the turning leaves.  As I scouted all sides of the property, the distant view truly captured the essence of the day. Warm and sunny, the weather could not be nicer, and the winds were light where I stood.  After first sketching out my scene, I started dropping in the lights where I saw them - and with bold color strokes.  This is a great way to mark the lights and darks before they change - and a few clouds were popping up on the horizon.  From those first marks, I painted the light, reveling in the day, enjoying the experience.  Centering Souls is a creative space for pottery, clay work, and art of many kinds, and the way it nestles into the surrounding landscape is creative and inviting, too.  Painting number 4361 in 4361 days. 

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