Sunday, October 31, 2021


This has been a fun Halloween with the family here to celebrate with food, games and candy!  Still nice enough to grill out and play outside, it was fun to unwind and enjoy the season.  Maybe we'll turn this family Halloween party into a yearly event!  In honor of the day, I painted a quick ink and watercolor in miniature of one of the jack-o-lanterns that set out for many years!  Painting number 3208 in 3208 days. 

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Wilson and 4th Street

 I arrived in town a little early for the artist meeting, so I decided to paint right here. I have long admired this cluster of silos with its spider like arms, right in the heart of town. With ink I sketched out the long composition, keeping everything in perspective as I worked.  I got some funny looks from the locals, even had one drive past me a couple times.  I'm sure they wondered what I was doing in that gravel parking lot.  I talked to my daughter throughout the whole painting process, happy to finally have cell coverage again.  The painting virtually painted itself, and it was awarded the first Purchase Award of the Fairfield Paint Out. So happy this painting has a new home!  Painting number 3207 in 3207 days. 

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Hilltop Home

 When I see a complicated house composition, I am drawn to pen and ink for my medium.  With an extra fine nib, I sketch in most of the line work, coming back with a medium nib and Levenger's Raven Black ink.  This ink moves a bit with water, allowing easy gradation of the masses.  With a little water and more archival ink, the drawing is complete.   I love getting to sketch this hilltop home - and happy it has a new home too! Painting number 3205 in 3205 days. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Rosebud Mo

 I started the ink work on this (beside my car) between showers, only to be forced back into my car as the rain kicked up.  I took advantage of the break to eat some fruit, rehydrate, and then headed back out as the rain let up.  Shoppers along the walk stopped by to talk as I worked - and one of those visitors ended up buying this painting for her own wall!  The charming town of Rosebud is a wonderful place to shop on a Saturday - and droves of people walked out of that bakery on the far right with boxes of goodies!  I sure wish I had more time for shopping on this day!  Painting number 3204 in 3204 days. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Night on 1st Street

I had packed up my gear and framed this before I remembered to get a photo of it on location - hence the frame!  It took a little coaxing to get a couple of artist friends to join me, but nocturne painting is more fun with friends!  I loved this view on the previous night, so it was on my mind.  Checking a few different angles, I settled on this one, where the light flooded into the street in multiple places.  As I painted the dark night sky, I accidently dipped into a new color I'm trying out on my palette - a very dark olive green. It is very close to my ultramarine blue, and I did indeed mix it into my night sky.  You can't tell here in the night lighting, but that paint added a rich something special to my alizarin, blues and violets. I will be adding it to future paintings, too!   I love those happy accidents!  Painting number 3203 in 3203 days. 

Sunday, October 24, 2021

M&T Farms

I loved getting to paint this beautiful farm and sample their Cool Cow Cheese!!  The sweeping vista from the regal house right down to the cow pasture was picturesque - and HAD to be painted! With ink i started the line work, sketching first the upper barn, then working out from there. Once the whole drawing was complete, I began the laying in of color.  As I worked, the cattle lined up for milking - and I happily drew them in.  It really was perfect timing!  It was a wonderful day spent on this beautiful place, and a hot lunch was graciously served on this very cold day, and was amazing indeed.  So happy this painting has a new home with the owners!  Painting number 3201 in 3201 days. 

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Second Creek Pumpkins

Last year was my first time in Rosebud, and this place caught my eye when I didn't have enough time to paint it!  I was so happy to see this place when I drove into Rosebud for today's competition, because NOW was my chance at it!  I arrived early to hopefully finish before the rain moved in.  Well, that didn't happen, but at least I had shelter nearby to duck under.  I have lately been taking more time to really study what I see, before laying paint.  Stepping back,  squinting and looking, I often see values and colors that I don't see at first glance. I love when a painting comes together, even in a cold rain - and it won an award, too!  Painting number 3200 in 3200 days. 

Friday, October 22, 2021

Night on 1st Street

Getting a photo of a nocturne on location is so very hard!  The color is not true under the warm street lights, and I didn't even remember to get the photo until I framed, but here it is!  Full of energy when I started painting with two friends out on 1st Street, I was dragging a little by the end of the process!  Having dinner and a glass of wine first slowed me down a little.  Finishing after 11:00, I then had to take care of posting, blogging and showering before bed.  I had accidently dipped into a new olive green I'm trying out that is very, very dark, and it mingled into my night sky.  I actually thought of this mistake in the middle of the night, and wondered how my painting would be affected.  It was different from my norm, but I decided to leave it.  This painting won the 1st Place Award tonight for Owensville, so maybe I'll start mixing in that green to my nocturnes - lol! Painting number 3199 in 3199 days. 

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Barns on the Hill

What a special treat it has been to paint such a special place!  Right down my alley, this lovely jersey cow farm is home to Cool Cow Cheese. The barns and manor home are situated artistically on the hill, and so very paintable!  After a walk through the property to scout around, I came back to this spot where I began.  I love the dramatic view, pitched on the hillside with the gentle cattle lining up for milking.  There are paintings in every direction here among the rolling hills, and oh how I wish I had more time here!  The lunch was amazing and I would love to return to paint again!  Painting number 3198 in 3198 days. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Autumn Reflections at Peaceful Valley

What a lovely morning to be painting at Peaceful Valley Lake!  The autumn color is just beginning, and the reflections on the water just had to be painted!  I had scouted this new area for quite some time before returning here to paint, so I was starting later than expected.  The golden hour soon fades, and getting a good photo with strong back lighting is hard.  I walked out to this spot to paint the beach, but instead decided on this creek full of moody reflections. The weather was perfect, breezes light, and the day delightful, just another fabulous day at the office!  Painting number 3197 in 3197 days. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Old City Hall

What fun to get to sketch this newly restored Old City Hall building in the heart of the Tarpon Springs historic downtown district.  Starting early in the morning to beat the heat, I still tried to line up with the shade of a small ornamental tree while inking and applying watercolor.  The sun is stronger in Florida and the heat more intense on the pavement so this subject was best painted early in the day.  By the time I finished I was ready to seek out white sand and waves - which I'll never get enough of!  Painting number 3196 in 3196 days. 

Monday, October 18, 2021

Tarpon and Safford

The historic district of Tarpon Springs is simply wonderful.  Old train depots are a favorite subject, and this one is right in the middle of town!  I noticed the same positioning in Dunedin, too.  No spacing away from other businesses as is often found in the midwest.  It is so very interesting to get to paint all these wonderful places!  Making a family trip out of this painting event, my mom has joined me to visiting my brother and his family.  So, I have been painting each morning and returning for family time in Palm Harbor.  I'm so lucky to get to get to do this every single day! Painting number 3195 in 3195 days. 

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Day at the Beach

I love everything about these white sand beaches!  The color is so fun to explore with paint - and a challenge!  It is long between paint outs at the beach for me, and I forget how the powdery sand blows onto palette, painting, and skin, slipping between toes as I move to and from my painting.  The sun bounces off water and sand, burning my eyes a little as I work, and still I love everything about it.  It is sheer joy to put to paint what I see before me, and I'm learning the nuances of the beach in the moment.  I know when I go home I'll have sand in all my gear, and I'll probably be painting sand into my next paintings as I work out all out of my brushes and paint!  Painting number 3193 in 3193 days. 

Friday, October 15, 2021


I don't get to sketch these babies everyday!  The palm trees here are so varied - and it has been fun to explore them a little with paint this week!  After a morning of shopping and lunch with family, this palm tree was calling my name.  I love the look of the fronds splayed out, so with a quick sketch in ink, I then filled in with watercolor.  I work wet on wet, letting the colors mingle as I drop them in, coming in with just a little more ink at the end.  There are 5 different varieties of palms within sight, but I only have time to sketch one!  Painting number 3192 in 3192 days. 

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Howard Beach Morning

This morning's quick paint could be any place within Howard Park, and after a quick spin through the area I headed to the end of the peninsula.  I seldom get a chance to paint white sand beaches, so I am taking every opportunity to explore the local color. I find it challenging to get the sand color as light as it is on these white sand beaches, and still make sense in the painting.  Just behind me, hundreds of birds gathered on the beach, standing in and out of the water, chattering away.  I did have to stand in the full sun to capture this scene, which I try to avoid. It's hard to get accurate color with the sun washing out the landscape, and messing with my eyes.  I never quite know what I have in this strong light until I bring the painting inside.  It's funny how the colors can change so much in artifical light. This was about an hour and a half paint, giving myself time to frame and turn in. I think I'll come back here for another after lunch.  I'll long for these beach days in the middle of winter!  Painting number 3191 in 3191 days. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Sponge Docks

Mom and I came down to the sponge docks today, after I turned in three paintings.  We walked the streets and shopped before my brother and his son joined us for lunch.  When I saw this boat with loads of sponges up and down the dock, I knew I would have to paint it.  One man was stringing some together, while others were bagged in nets.  Many large cylindrical ones were loose in piles - until they were also bagged.  I found a place in the shade, and started the lines of the boat, adjusting as I worked.  This was so fun to sketch - and paint, unlike anything else I've done.  I have painted a sponge boat before, but it only had a few strings of sponges, not the overflowing amount here!  Just docked, these men worked 31 days of 34 out to sea, and I'm sure they were eager to get home.  Imagine being away from your family for long spells.  I learned that the sponges grow back after they are cut, which I love.  What a cool day spent in Tarpon Springs!  Painting number 3190 in 3190 days.  

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Morning at Sunset Beach

After yesterday's battle at the preserve with Florida's biting yellow flies, today I thought a day at the beach was in order.  After framing two earlier paintings, and turning in one, I headed to this new beach on my way to another favorite, wanting to check it out.  Well, I stayed for two paintings and didn't make it to Howard Park at all.  I first walked the beach, stepping through the warm gulf coast water, sand between my toes as I wound through the palm trees.  This Sunset Park is lovely, and so very paintable!   I set up in the shade of a palm, listening to the waves lap at the shore, visiting with others as they enjoyed the beach.  There are many birds here, more than the other beaches I've painted this week.  The breeze was calm and the temperature perfect for the entire process.  This painting has truly been a day at the beach!  Painting number 3189 in 3189 days. 

Monday, October 11, 2021

Brooker Creek

Some paintings are a hard won battle - and this is such a painting.  After a walk along the boardwalk, I selected this location on the bridge for my preferred composition. It was in dappled shade with very little breeze, but I was in for the hot and humid conditions here in Tarpon Springs.  The giant resident alligator slapped the water hard while grabbing a fish - which we heard from the trail.  He then went on to glide through the water with grasses on his back, to lay like a log on the opposite bank.  Fish were jumping, a large white bird snagged food from a hole in a tree top, and it was a lovely afternoon of painting, until the sun came out and the biting flies found me!  I've never seen such large bee flies - looked like bees but have a hard bite! The only way to keep them off me was to keep moving, they did not mind my sprays in the least!  So I tried to work faster, dance around to avoid them, and yelped as they drew blood - but I did not leave that spot until I finished.  Plein air is not for sissies - I gave up a little blood for this one!  Painting number 3188 in 3188 days. 

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Oldsmar Beach

My brother suggested this beach to me this morning so I came to scout it out.  The Mobbly Beach Park is on the trail less traveled so I was able to paint this place in it's natural state.  The tide pulled out a I painted, revealing so much more of the beach as I worked.  It was fun to try to capture the colors as they changed with the light. It seems the ocean is always changing in hue and value, so I jump in and try not to chase that light as I go.  I think I need many more beach days to study all those shifting shades!  Super fun to explore this new beach with paint, it's all about the process after all! Painting number 3187 in 3187 days. 

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Howard Beach

The sand between my toes, sun on my skin and coastal breezes are probably what I love best about Florida!  After driving through torrential rain last night, the very first thing on my mind this morning was relaxing on the beach!  After a not so quick spin around Howard Island in Tarpon Springs, I decided on this shady spot on the beach to set up. Though the breezes were strong, the heavy duty tripod I got from my dad held my pochade firmly. I sketched my composition out with my brush, and leisurely let the painting unfold.  I didn't do an ink sketch first, and I probably should have.  I already have a slightly different composition in mind for the next one.  I enjoyed painting such a peaceful coastline and visiting with others soaking up the Florida sunshine.  Time slips away when I'm painting on a beach, the sound of the surf mesmerizing me.  I'm absolutely going to bask in every moment here.  Painting number 3186 in 3186 days. 

Friday, October 8, 2021

Pumpkins and Birdhouses

This sweet little scene was right outside the cabin I stayed in while in Fairfield.  Loving the cheerful birdhouses and festive pumpkins, it caught my attention first thing in the morning.  It took me a couple of days to get to it, but I finally caught it in the perfect light!  I painted the whole thing while catching up with my youngest daughter on the phone, sitting at the picnic table outside the front door.  I love the sounds of the woods, birdsong and squirrels chatting all around me.  The leaves are already falling, and heavy nuts are dropping on roof and ground, adding a little drumbeat to the song.  Life is sweet, indeed.  Painting number 3185 in 3185 days. 

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Night on Main Street

 I love painting the gorgeous Fairfield Main Stree at night!  At dinner I tried to talk several of my artist friends into painting a nocturne with me, but I got no takers. So, I headed to my favorite spot on Main Street to capture this amazing scene.  People visited with me as the painting progressed, and soon I was finished.  I absolutely love painting at night! This painting will now hang across the street at the bank. Painting number 3184 in 3184 days. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Camp Ondessonk Covered Bridge

Love how this covered bridge is nestled in the trees, and is the entry point for all young campers to Camp Ondessonk.  This iconic place just had to be painted - especially since I've just come off my Indiana covered bridges tour!  I love the style of this one - arched windows and overhanging entrances, complete with hanging baskets!  So beautiful, I just had to sketch it in ink and watercolor.  As I worked, there was even a group of campers dropped off from a school bus, who crossed through this bridge to gather for orientation on the other side.  It really made me long for childhood and camp adventures anew!  Painting number 3183 in 3183 days.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Pumpkin Barn

This place is another perennial favorite of mine - Bullard's Farm Market!  It simply is not autumn in Fairfield unless I get to this place to paint!  I had 30 minutes of paint time to capture this 6x6 for the silent auction, so I worked fast.  I sketched with my brush and painted as fast as I could, laying in the central colors first.  When time is of the essence, it works best for me to mark all my masses, getting that panel covered.  Before I knew it, the painting was finished and I got back to the fairgrounds with 3 minutes to spare!  Super fun - and I'm happy this painting went home with the highest bidder!  Painting number 3182 in 3182 days. 

Monday, October 4, 2021

Dawn at the Cabin

I've been waking so early - hours before sunrise, wishing the sun to arrive.  Normally by 3:00am, I know it's nearly dawn, only to find I've hours longer to wait.  So on this day, I hopped out of bed anyway and enjoyed a couple of mugs of hot tea with lemon as I leisurely readied for the day.  At the very first streaks of light, I got out there, picking the perfect spot to capture cabin, pond and woods as the warm dawn light washed over them.  Serenaded by crickets, frogs, and bucks crashing through woods, I finished this early painting immersed in the landscape.  What a beautiful way to start the day!  Painting number 3181 in 3181 days. 

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Windmill at Willow Creek

This windmill caught my attention as I scouted the property.  Lured back here by a wonderful old truck against the tree line, my eyes soon found many wonderful painting subjects!  I had one small paper and one small frame left from my 4 plein air events - so I used them for this!  Choosing pen and ink, I sketched most of the lines before I started on the blades.  The wind was blowing, making it very hard to see them!  I focused on one blade at a time, following it with my eyes as I sketched. It made me a little motion sick to concentrate on a spinning object! It was worth the effort - I do love windmills and this drawing found a new home, too!  Painting number 3180 in 3180 days 

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Pumpkin Truck

I saw this place when I first drove into town, new since I was here two years ago.  I didn't know what I wanted to paint this morning, until something popped up on my feed about this place.  It was exactly what I felt like painting, so I headed right over! Decorated with pumpkins and all things fall - it was the perfect subject!  As I painted, several stopped to talk and one man pulled off the highway just to take photos - loving the truck as much as I do!  Love immersing myself in autumn joy while painting!  Painting number 3179 in 3179 days. Bonus - this painting already has a new home!  ❤🎨

Friday, October 1, 2021

Behind the Grain Bin


I came back from turning in my morning painting, intending to do another great old truck in the back along the tree line.  As I headed to that spot, just look what I stumbled on!!  SO COOL!!  Switching gears, I instead  focused on the farm machinery behind the grain bin.  What fun!  I love when a beautiful painting jumps out at me from the landscape!  Painting number 3178 in 3178 days.