Saturday, October 16, 2021

Day at the Beach

I love everything about these white sand beaches!  The color is so fun to explore with paint - and a challenge!  It is long between paint outs at the beach for me, and I forget how the powdery sand blows onto palette, painting, and skin, slipping between toes as I move to and from my painting.  The sun bounces off water and sand, burning my eyes a little as I work, and still I love everything about it.  It is sheer joy to put to paint what I see before me, and I'm learning the nuances of the beach in the moment.  I know when I go home I'll have sand in all my gear, and I'll probably be painting sand into my next paintings as I work out all out of my brushes and paint!  Painting number 3193 in 3193 days. 

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