Thursday, March 31, 2022


The cacti in Arizona are many and varied, with some taller than I am!  Today finds me painting a miniature of this cool cluster of cacti, and finding the forms with ink and watercolor.  I have run out of my favorite black, so Thunderstorm ink by Robert Oster is used for my line work. LOVE getting in a quick little painting before heading to the zoo.  Painting number 3375 in 3375 days. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Palm Study

What a pleasure to sit out and sketch on a warm, balmy morning!  After an early run and a leisurely cup of hot tea with fresh lemon, this was a treat! I didn't realize my favorite fountain pen was very low in ink, so I'm using another favorite pen that is loaded with Robert Oster's Thunderstorm. I leaned back in an Adirondack chair and looked upward to sketch this beautiful palm tree.  I love studying their shapes and colors, especially since I have to travel to paint them!  Little hummingbirds buzzed all around me as I worked, I was situated back against a lemon tree laden with blooms and fruit  one little bird studied me for several seconds, trying to decide if I was a flower or not!  So fun to experience summer weather in March!  Painting number 3374 in 3374 days. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Oranges on the Branch

We slept on the enclosed patio, and it was delightful! All night long, the sweet aroma of orange blossoms wafted in, as the Arizona winds blew and rain fell sporadically.  I love the sounds and scents outdoors at night, they lull me like a lullaby.  And, waking outside was amazing.  I studied the form of the branches, blossoms and oranges, from my pillow.  As I leisurely headed in for hot tea, my mind was already on painting.  With ink and watercolor I rendered the scene, and went back in for another cup of tea with fresh lemon from another tree.  What a perfect way to start a day!  Painting number 3373 in 3373 days. 

Monday, March 28, 2022

Clear Skies Coming

 I feel like I've been running a race for days now - so I had the tiniest of painting windows.  Using that time for a quick oil study of the skies, I squint down to see the masses and hues, then start adding the color.  When I'm in a hurry, I don't even sketch out with paint - just a fast application of the media.  I want to focus more on cliudscapes this year, so the more practice, the better. Painting number 3372 in 3372 days. 

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Winding Sunset Creek

One just never knows what medium I will pick up on any given day.  If you are a regular on my feed - aren't you surprised by these bold ink landscapes?!  Each media seems to bring out a completely different style from me, and I LOVE feeling free enough to blaze that trail!  It doesn't matter if I end up with a masterpiece when the process and exploration are so much fun! The bonus is that a have a very large supply of fountain pen ink - so the possibilities are endless!  Painting number 3371 in 3371 days. 

Saturday, March 26, 2022

After the Rain

I am forever drawn to a glorious skyscape!  I don't often take the time to paint them, because it means dropping everything on a time to capture the sky.  So, today I am making that effort, and hope to do more of this.  There's nothing like practice to improve those skills!  Painting number 3370 in 3370 days. 

Friday, March 25, 2022

Inky Sky

Another evening of ink exploration finds me playing with 4 different inks from last night. I had added Diamine's Ash ink for the base of the mountain layer, but it diluted almost out of sight, even with additional ink dropped in.  So, I abandoned it, switching to Stargazer instead.  I do find some interesting mingling between the blue and other inks, almost a drifting quality. Candle Light and Peach Punch are my other Diamine inks here.  I'm using very wet wash over the dropped ink to get this effect, and then it all has a mind of it's own!  I want to try a little bleach on this when it's dry.  Perhaps it will lift out something wonderful!  It's all about the process - and having fun!  Painting number 3369 in 3369 days. 

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Inky Landscape

Tonight,  I was in the mood for exploring the depths of a few of the new inks I got at Christmas.  Part of Diamine's Inkvent Calendar, I am using Winter Spice, Thunderbolt, Seize the Night, and Brandy Snap, the inks closest to the colors I see in our stormy landscape right now.  I dropped these inks in where I saw them, with a dropper!  I then took a very wet wash brush, and ran it along the edge of those lines, adding water and blotting as needed to describe the landscape.  As the gloss was off the paper, I added in a bit more ink with a dip pen. The magic all happens in the wet wash - and it's completely uncontrollable!  I love using these inks in such a cool way - and there is a wonderful glistening to the Brandy Snap ink, and some intriguing chroma to the others!  I think more exploration is called for!  Painting number 3368 in 3368 days. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

47th and Nichols

I intended to paint several different buildings this day, arriving early to meet other urban sketchers at the park. Well, I spent so much time on the first sketch, I hardly had time to get this one drawn.  After a quick marking of the lines and angles, I added a few shadows with my pen.  Taking my water brush pen to those masses, I gradated them quickly - making this very loose and fresh!  Urban Sketchers KC is soon trading work with Urban Sketchers Seville - our sister city. How fun it will be to have work from that lovely place in Spain!  Painting number 3367 in 3367 days. 

Monday, March 21, 2022

Daffodils at Night

This day did not go as planned, beginning with a vibration in my back tire that had me turning off the highway and heading back home.  No City Market painting for me today!  After getting the tires checked - and ordered, because of course they don't have them in stock, I started in on my list of chores.  Gathering and framing work to deliver, reworking a gallery wall, thing after thing until finally, I could take a break and paint.  The rain had started mid day, but it was really pouring when I got out there!  So, I nestled in on the dry covered porch, and painted my daffodils as the rain pelted them.  Painting number 3365 in 3365 days. 

Sunday, March 20, 2022


I wait all winter for these sunny daffodils to spring forth!  Greeting me with their cheerful yellow faces, they signal the first real signs of spring in my yard!  Only just emerging, this clump is the most abundant this far, so I am painting them with ink and watercolor on a miniature handmade paper.  I am painting small, 3.5x2.5 (ATC sized) to match my tiny painting window tonight.  The weather is so gorgeous, it is hard to stop to paint when I could be gardening.  But I did have to choose - paint in the dark after gardening, or paint right now?  You can see what I chose!  Painting number 3364 in 3364 days. 


Saturday, March 19, 2022

47th and Nichols

What a lovely morning to paint at 47th and Nichols on the Country Club Plaza!  I was so happy to gather with artist friends again for an Urban Sketchers KC event with our sister city Seville, for a sketch exchange!  I was on the Plaza earlier this week to get in some early sketching. As one of the admins, we were all trying to do extra work, to be sure there is enough to exchange with the artists in Urban Sketchers Seville. For each artist who sends a painting (size 9x6), a painting will come to them from an artist in Seville, Spain.  How cool is that?  I've only just turned in my work, and I can hardly wait to receive my treasure!  I hope we do much more of this in the future - just imagine the international connections to artists of shared interests!  What a wonderful way to spread a little joy across the pond! Painting number 3363 in 3363 days. 

Friday, March 18, 2022

Whiskey Barrels

I love getting to paint these old whiskey barrels at J. Reiger's in Kansas City!  In the front lobby, there is a wonderful, museum-like display of historic items and facts about this place.  In the east bottoms of KC, I was completely unaware of this area.  There is a smattering of historic buildings here, leading to General Mills - another place I did not know was in KC!  How fun would it be to have a plein air event down here?  So very unique!  Painting number 3362 in 3362 days.  Can't wait to come back here with family!  

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Fogo de Chao

I love getting an early start on this weekend's Urban Sketchers "Paint the Plaza" day.  The weather has been spectacular this week, so it has been a joy to sketch outside!  This building is another iconic stand out in the Country Club Plaza. I can't tell for sure from here, but it looks like the face of the clocks are also plaza images.  I'm always surprised by the details I see when I'm painting on location.  They are so much more apparent as I work.   The opposite is also true - sometimes there are big ugly things in my line of vision, and I don't see them at all as I paint.  I think there is a lot of "self-editing" going on in my head - without my knowledge! Love painting down here!  Painting number 3361 in 3361 days. ❤️🎨

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Central and Nichols Rd

There was some construction going on down this road, so traffic was limited, street traffic, too.  This building has always caught my attention, but I don't think I've painted it before!  I started by sketching the big shapes, then tightening down on those fabulous moorish details.  I love taking the time to really notice all the craftsmanship that went into these buildings.  I think if that when something looks too complicated - I'm just drawing it, not building it!  Kansas City is very lucky to have the Country Club Plaza, there's no other place like it!  Painting number 3360 in 3360 days. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Chuy's on the Plaza

I've gone out early to sketch for this weekend's #urbansketcherskc sketch exchange with #uskseville Spain!  We are trading an oversized postcard size - 9x6, so I thought the extra time would help with such complicated architecture.  Seville is Kansas City's sister city, so what better way than to celebrate Urban Sketch life than by trading work?  We did a similar thing with Mexico a few years ago, and I LOVE my sketches from there!  I also love that I can go to any city with a chapter, and meet up at their events while in town.  We're all one big family, after all.  And the bonus is that I love painting the Country Club Plaza!!  Painting number 3359 in 3359 days. 

Monday, March 14, 2022

J. Rieger and Co

I am always surprised to find a new place to paint - that I didn't even know existed!  I knew the company name as one of the places making hand sanitizers when Covid broke out.  But, I had no idea they would exist in a wonderful, historic building in amazing condition.  The equipment is glassed on all sides, and one can view from the lower or upper level from assorted seating.  The restaurant was closed today, but I want to return with family to enjoy this place.  There is a outdoor terrace area off the restaurant and a large bar upstairs, all keeping with the historic elegance of the place.  What a Kansas City treasure!  I used ink and watercolor to sketch out the very complicated scene, coming back in with more ink to accentuate the focal points, letting some of those pipes fade away in the background.  Wish I had all day to paint here! Painting number 3358 in 3358 days. 

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Winter Milk Barn

With warmer temperatures expected, I had to get out early to capture the snow.  The ground is already warm and soft, so the snow doesn't have a chance!  I am studying the colors of the winter landscape, trying to see the subtle changes in hue and value, and pushing them a little.  I read a wonderful quote the other day that struck a chord, "A color without it's complement is dead."  So as I look at the masses, I'm looking for the complements, too.  Those little bits of opposing color add drama, sparkle and life to the scene. I can still smell the crisp air as I look at this.  Painting number 3357 in 3357 days. 

Saturday, March 12, 2022

March Snow at the Barn

It is such a treat to paint snow in the landscape when the temperatures are up and the wind is still.  So very comfortable, compared to those frigid days.  I'm painting at the end of the golden hour, so the light is quickly fading. I'm using my 7x5 thumb box, perfect for a quick paint.  I love the rich darks of the shadows, and the warm light spreading through the pasture.  All is quiet and still, and my cares release into the atmosphere.  Creating truly is art therapy in motion.  Love this quiet time in nature.  Painting number 3356 in 3356 days. 

Friday, March 11, 2022

Farmhouse in the Snow

More snow overnight left a glistening blanket over the pastures.  Still overcast in the morning, I waited for the skies to clear and the temperature to rise.  At 48 degrees - I thought I'd better get out there, before that winter magic melts away.  Using my 7x5 thumb box pochade, I tucked 2 panels in the top and my paints below that shelf.  I use an Altoid tin for my palette in this box, and it needs refreshing before I use it again.  The paints seem to dry out faster here than in my other tin palettes with better seals.  We hiked first since Beau was full of energy, then he could spend his time "hunting" while I painted.  The ground is soft despite the snow, and I think he's sniffing out mice underground!  He loves playing in the snow - I don't think he'll ever outgrow it!  Painting number 3355 in 3355 days. 

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Snow at the Milk Barn

Everyone was working from home today with our morning snowfall. I have always LOVED snow days, as they offer a complete departure from our everyday routine. I spent the morning baking bread, cutting veggies, making a salad and trying a new honey mustard dressing recipe - which is my favorite yet!  I waited for the warmest part of the day (when the snow had let up) to head outside and paint.  Hiking the perimeter first with my trusty companion, I noted the various spaces I wanted to paint.  This Milk Barn may well be my "Monet's Garden", as I return again and again to capture it's changing moods.  It is so peaceful out here, and only a bit of snow pelts against my hood.  I forgot my yoga mat to stand on today, so my feet are starting to get cold, even with my layers of socks!  As I finish, the snow starts falling more freely. I could not have timed this better!  Painting number 3354 in 3354 days. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Mid-day at Union Station

When I heard it was time for #oneweek100people again, I was not going to participate.  I had so much to do, with several "Kansas City" themed paintings yet to complete for delivery to a local gallery.  But then I thought, where better to paint so many people at once than Union Station?  I had to be in the city anyway, so why not pop in and knock this out all at once?  It's fun inking these little people, and washing them with a wet brush.  Some are left defined, and some are only the illusions left behind after the washed ink was blotted up.  Even though I've met my weekly quota, I might just try this again in watercolor.  After all, I have a Plaza theme coming up......!  Painting number 3353 in 3353 days. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

March Poinsettia

This poinsettia has absolutely thrived since last November.  I love the bold splash of color rimming the leaves, so cheerful they are!  Another busy day finds me coming to my easel late, so these beauties land the starring role tonight.  With ink and watercolor I sketch and paint, bringing them to life on my handmade paper.  This painting is 3x3 and is number 3352 in 3352 days. 

Monday, March 7, 2022

Winter Wash

My grandma would call this little run off creek a wash. I've heard it all my life pertaining to the creeks with little water, except when it rains. I pass this creek daily, and it was dusted with snow before the sun came out, and poof - it melted right into the brush.  I know spring is coming when a green hue rises in the water, though we're back to 5 degrees on Saturday!  I plan to enjoy the 70s first, and spend some time outside.  This ink and watercolor miniature is all I had time for on this busy day of installing artwork and appointments.  Pictured above is my TWSBI Diamond mini in silver, with an extra fine nib.  I keep this pen loaded with De Atrementis archival ink, for thin lines that will not move when I add the watercolor.  I love every one of my TWSBI fountain pens!  Painting number 3351 in 3351 days. 

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Bartle Hall Sky Towers

I've been wanting to work on several large watercolor batik paintings to show when I hang work in Kansas City venues.  After sketching this one in site, I've returned home for the layering of watercolor and hot wax.  The rice paper is so fragile, I must be very careful when handing it wet. It almost falls apart as I work it!  This delicate medium can be very challenging, but oh that light is luminous!  So worth the extra steps!  This one will hang in the executive offices of Blue Cross Blue Shield for the next 3 months. Painting number 3350 in 3350 days. 

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Benton Blvd Bridge

During the last Brush Creek Art Walk that I attended, I had sketched this out on location on the hill sloping down to Brush Creek. The arches are stunning, and though I have painted them before, I have not drawn them in ink in such dramatic fashion.  I used one of my favorite fountain pens loaded with Levenger's Raven Black ink, and a little water to move the ink around. I even dipped my round brush directly into the ink a couple of times for those really dark areas, then I blended them out with a little water.  I have no idea what paper this is - no doubt something special I purchased from a local art store - and probably 100% cotton. The paper is quite thick and firm, and really does work great for ink.  I'm trying to get a few more Kansas City themed paintings done for show entries before I head back into the city. Hope I can get a large drawing done of Union Station, too. Painting number 3349 in 3449 days.

YMCA in Sedalia

This red stone building in the heart of historic downtown Sedalia is a showstopper among many on Ohio street. The letters are engraved and there is such attention to every detail, but no year is present.  I suspect there was once a much grander door, and some missing detail to the left in the next building.  Several of the faded buildings through here are being worked on, hopefully restored to their former beauty.  I would love to read to history on this building - I could only find one reference to it online.  I sure wish our historic town was full of this kind of architecture!  I am using ink and watercolor today in this miniature piece of handmade cotton paper. Painting number 3348 in 3348 days. 

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Hotel Bothwell

Would you believe this is my very first trip to historic downtown Sedalia?  Only an hour and half from home, this charming town is steeped in vintage architecture!  So many beautiful buildings, seemingly so untouched by civil war destruction.  So many of our Missouri towns are just a sprinkling of buildings instead of blocks and blocks and blocks.  I noticed the same thing about Salina, Kansas.  I do live in the historic "burnt district" of Cass County and Order #11, but it's not until I get a little farther out that I realize the difference in the historic district landscape.  It makes me wonder about all the homes that were lost during the Civil War, and thankful that ours survived, even when a mattress was laid against the west side and lit on fire.  We found this information from the family records passed down from the second family who owned it, given to us by Mrs. Rice.  The Hotel Bothwell is gorgeous inside, and the restaurant - Ivory Grille - was absolutely amazing.  Best meal I've had in ages, and the atmosphere is rich in history and romance.  So glad I found this place to stay while in town as Guest Speaker for the Sedalia art league.  Painting number 3347 in 3347 days. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Old Tree ATC

I Love using pen and ink for such timeless subject matter.  This drawing could have been drawn a century ago, the method and tools are the same.  I used a favorite fountain pen loaded with Levenger's Raven Black ink, and use a water brush pen to gradate and soften edges.  For those lines I don't want to move, I use De Atrementis archival ink in another fountain pen which has an extra fine nib. I must be careful of such a small nib on handmade paper, one can do easily tear the surface.  I am sketching in miniature tonight - because it is late and I've had a very full day!  There are never enough hours for all I want to do in a day.  Loved getting to draw this grand old tree - even after dark!  Painting number 3345 in 3345 days.   💕🎨

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Pink Hyacinth

I adore the fragrance of hyacinth, and the sweet scent of this forced bulb wafts through the whole downstairs.  This bulb is very thirsty, I am adding water every day as I see new blooms starting to rise.  When this lovely is past her glory, I will plant her in the garden to continue for all the years to come.  I love the very timeless nature of these bulbs.  With ink and watercolor I capture first bloom in our farmhouse on handmade cotton paper.  It's a small ATC size to match my very small painting window tonight.  Some days are so busy I can't find my way to my easel until almost bedtime. I'm hoping for an easier day tomorrow.  Painting number 3344 in 3344 days.