Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Last Light over the Rockies

After spending the day with family in the Rocky Mountain National Park, we scouted our area and found this wonderful spot!  We are staying here at the YMCA of the Rockies for a family wedding this week, so of course I am finding time to paint the beauty in our down time.  The views from this Overlook Chapel in Estes Park are amazing, and this is where the ceremony will take place at week's end.  I finally have time to work with my oils this evening, and there is nothing as satisfying as letting the painting unfold before me.  Surrounded by cool, dry air and stillness, I revel in the exploration of the local color here . I'm surprised at how little wildlife I see here compared to Missouri.  At home, birdsong is everywhere, as are bees and butterflies.  Not so here, very few birds and I've seen one butterfly way up Trailridge Road.  We've seen about a dozen deer, three elk babies, a giant moose tonight, and a few chipmunks.  But all are quiet, even at night.  In such a climate, when a crow started making warning noises downwind of us, we packed up and headed out.  We've been warned the bears are more active than usual, and it was starting to get dark!  This is my first adventure in Estes Park, and I can't wait for more!  What a treat to get to immerse myself here - with paint!  Painting number 3149 in 3149 days. 

Monday, August 30, 2021

Road to Marceline

I love how a road going into town tells a story.  Water towers are such icons for small towns, and this one begged to be painted.  So, in positioned myself in the parking lot of Walworth Publishing with a view of the sweep of road.  Starting with De Atramentis Archive Ink, I sketched in the lines of my composition, following with Levenger's Raven Black ink and watercolor. Though the day was hot a good breeze kept me cool while working.  Every day that's not a 100 degrees feels cool to me now!  Haha!  Painting number 3148 in 3148 days. 

Sunday, August 29, 2021

North Main Street

My dad used to tell me stories of this town, how his parents grew up here, met in high school and fell in love.  He used to walk these streets as a young boy, carrying coins to the bank with his Aunt Minnie - who his mother fondly called "Mouse" when they were growing up.  Could she possibly be the inspiration for another famous Minnie? They did go to school together.... several of the homes in town were built by his uncles.  Lynns, Slaughters, Gardners and Cupps all have their names in the history and businesses of Marceline, and it feels like home.  I only knew a few of these relatives, but their history lives on.  So, every year I return for the annual NOMO Plein Air Event, paying homage to a place that brought my grandparents together, and capture the beauty of my history.  Painting number 3147 in 3147 days. 

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Late Summer Blooms at the Disney Barn

I love painting in Marceline, Missouri each year for the NOMO Plein Air Event!  This place calls to me in the early morning light from afar - and I always head here for my first paint of the day! The bloom season is more progressed here than in years past, and I revel in the changes!  Many greens are golden now, and the trees actually have fall color starting  - probably from so many hot days and the stress of causes.  I walked the grounds twice before settling on this spot, and then I jumped right in.  Painting in my composition with a burnt umber, I then marked the light, shadow and color pops with paint.  My fresh ultramarine violet was too buttery to serve me well, so I was mixing my cool shadow shades again. That color has been disappointing me lately, I think I may just banish it from my palette! As I finished, I dropped heavier paint marks for all this wildflowers - and loved the effect and dimension it added.  It was a wonderful morning spent among the wildflowers, soaking in the quiet beauty of this very special place.  I'm so happy this painting won a Purchase Award tonight and will now go live in New York to remind it's family of Marceline!  Painting number 3146 in 3146 days. 

Friday, August 27, 2021

Monet's Bridge

With only 30 minutes left before meeting the Art Mob, I just had to do a quick paint of Monet's Bridge before leaving.  I've never thought of painting this view before, but didn't want to take the time to move my set up from my first painting!  So, I jumped in with big masses first. When I'm short on time, I try to get down as much information as I can in that time.  I had not yet reloaded my palette, so I had to work with the ultramarine violet for my quick darks - which does not work well!  It is far too translucent to push into other masses and achieve impact.  But when time is of the essence, I let my hands work as they will!  I could have used 15 more minutes to tighten this up, but it still gives a good representation of my impressions of the moment.  Painting number 3145 in 3145 days. 

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Garden Path

I LOVE painting the lush gardens at the Overland Park Arboretum!  I try to pop in whenever I get a chance to paint among the flowers here, but this is the first time I've been here so late in August. The blooms are overflowing the beds, so abundant and full that I simply could not resist painting them!  I started by painting in the masses, marking the flower colors, before going in with my darks.  I did not want to lose the flowers in the scene, so those notes hold their places in the composition. My palette is in dire need of a clean and reload after two weeks of long days spent in the heat, but alas I did not have time before heading out this morning.  I MUST do it tonight to prepare for Saturday's event - and next week!  There's just never enough hours in a day!  Painting number 3144 in 3144 days. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Park University Campus

I love painting the architecture of the grand old buildings on the Park University Campus!  Sitting in the shade of a tree, I do my line work with De Atramentis Archive Ink, following with Levenger's Raven Black in this pictured fountain pen with a broad nib.  This is my first pen in all these years to have a broad nib, and in only a few paintings I have grown to love it!  It drops a smooth, rich line, more intense than the medium nib. On smoother papers, the line may be too bold, but the majority of my papers are rough in texture, so the broad nib really helps speed the drawing process.  I love my fountain pens!  In fact, I have a brand new one just out of the box, just waiting to be inked! Painting number 3143 in 3143 days.  This painting now showing at Cathy Kline Art Gallery through October! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Toad Cove

What a fun, iconic slice of lake life this place is!  Shady Gators is a popular place on the Lake of the Ozarks, and so fun to paint in ink and watercolor!  Arriving just after sunrise, I found a shady place from which to work.  Already a hot one, this is another heat warning day so I try to stay in the shade as much as possible. I use three inks for the line work, india,De Atramentis Archive Ink and Levenger's Raven Black, then I follow in with watercolor.  Even at this early hour, boats arrive and take off from the nearby socks, leaving ripples on the water's surface.  I really enjoy my time by the water, it is so very soothing to paint.  This painting now available at Lake Fine Art Galleria.  Painting number 3142 in 3142 days. 

Monday, August 23, 2021

Hillside Lodge

What a treat to find this amazing large log cabin on the lake to paint!  This place lodged the workers on the Bagnell Dam, and now houses a museum inside.  Still lovely inside, the lobby is as it was so long ago.  A large veranda sweeps along the lake side, where an amazing view of the Lake of the Ozarks can be had from various spots. With walking trails down the hill, a wonderful lakeside garden is the reward at the bottom!  If only I had more time - I would have painted that view, too!  It would have been a lovely place to rest at the end of the day!  This painting now showing at Lake Fine Art Galleria in Osage Beach!  Painting number 3141 in 3141 days. 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

View from Bridal Cave

What a glorious time I've had painting at the Bridal Cave in Camdenton, Missouri!  From the plein air painting inside the Chapel of the cave, to painting this beautiful sweep of the Lake of the Ozarks from the covered overlook just outside the cave entrance, this place will forever hold good memories for me!  As with any body of water, the lake changes color with the sun and sky.  What started as overcast has opened up to a sunny, hot day - and that reflects in the water!  I painted my masses first, lights and darks followed by the central colors, then added the smaller details such as boats and docks. If was very comfortable painting under this covered overhang, with water cooled breezes blowing through. It has been so fun to visit with guests as they wait for their tour guide while painting the beauty of this lake!  This painting won a ribbon at the Lake of the Ozarks Plein Air event and is now showing at Lake Fine Art Galleria in Osage Beach.  Painting number 3140 in 3140 days. 

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Captian Rons


It is so fun to paint Captain Ron's with those colorful Adirondack chairs in ink and watercolor!  Those vibrant reflections pulled me right into this scene as I arrived just after sunrise.  Peaceful and quiet in the morning, this place sits on the Lake of the Ozarks, promising entertainment later in the day.  These places that dot the edge of the lake are certainly fun, and a great place to visit on a hot summer night!  Now showing at Lake Fine Art Galleria in Osage Beach!! Painting number 3139 in 3139 days. 

Friday, August 20, 2021

Pa He Tsi Boat Launch

I love painting at water's edge anywhere, but this day finds me at the Pa He Tsi boat launch on the Lake of the Ozarks.  A very hot day with heat warnings issued, this spot in the shade was comfortable indeed. A soft wind carried cool air up from the lake, refreshing in the deep shade of mature trees.  It was peaceful and relaxing here, with the sound of water lapping at the beach to serenade me.  This natural landscape is the perfect complement to all of the buildings I've been painting lately!  It feels so good to immerse in nature again! This painting won a ribbon and is now showing at Lake Fine Art Galleria in Osage Beach! Painting number 3138 in 3138 days. ❤🎨

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Boat Rental

Behind the Inn at the Grand Glaze, down the steep hill and right on the water is this amazing blue boat rental shack with various kayaks and even a paddle boat.  The bright colors pulled me in, so I sketched this out in ink and added watercolor as the sun set.  I perched at an angle because of the pitch of the land, and closely observed the interesting angles from looking down on this building.  I like to rest my paints on the ground while sitting on a camp stool for such places, but had to fight the sliding of my tins down the hill!  Haha! Blocking them with rocks, I was able to get this painted before all light was gone.  After all, I had a long hike up that hill to get back to my room!  This painting is now showing at Lake Fine Art Galleria in Osage Beach.  Painting number 3137 in 3137 days. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2021


 I just had to return to this corner to capture Ozarkland in ink and watercolor.  This time I am set up diagonally across the square from this iconic place. This intersection is so busy, and interesting!  The square is set like a diamond on the cross of streets from the points. Parking is on several sides with small shade trees to offer cover on this very hot day. I planned to go paint the Ha Ha Tonka castle ruins, too, but I've run out of time!  I've used three kinds of ink on this one before adding watercolor, De Atramentis Archive Ink, Robert Oster's Thunderstorm, and Levenger's Raven Black. The first one is for the sketchy lines I want to stay the second is a great shadow shade, and the last is for lines I want to move.  I have so many inks, perhaps I should explore with more of them in the field.  These favorites are almost always with me!  Painting number 3135 in 3135 days. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Road to the Vineyard

This is my first trip to the Seven Springs Winery in Linn Creek, Missouri - and WOW, what a lovely place it is!  The vineyards spill over the hills beautifully, begging to be painted!  The garden surrounding the winery is lush and abundant, yet not quite touched by the sun this early morning.  So, I turn to the vineyard.  With sun peaking in and out I am able to get some shadows, adding interest to the grasses. With brushwork, I boost those masses, lending interest to those and areas.  After two weeks of long days in the hot sun, my paints are beginning to tack up.  It adds a body and thickness not present two weeks ago, but I will certainly need to do some palette clean up when I return home.  Keeping them on ice in my trunk doesn't last all day in this kind of heat!  If only I could find a better cold bag for them!  Painting number 3134 in 3134 days. 

Monday, August 16, 2021

Ha Ha Tonka Spring

Before today, I have only seen this spring from high up on the cliff, from the ruins of the Ha Ha Tonka Castle. It was years ago, and a tiny spot of lime green in the woods, but I wished instantly to find it and paint it! Alas, we were vacationing with family and time was short, so I tucked that memory away for another day, today, and set out to paint the beauty!  It was very hot here on this 100 degree day, with no wind moving to cool me off.  I was in the shade, Thank goodness, but heat did seem to radiate off the water and rock faces. I worked fast, trying to minimize my afternoon painting time.  Starting with the dark masses, then painting in the light values, I used them for my painting map. Color changes quickly in the water, as the sun starts to move across it's surface, so it is important to mark those colors so that I can stay true to that original vision, and not chase the light.  This place was so peaceful, and it was fun visiting with all the walkers on the trail.  Even in the sweltering heat, this was an amazing place to paint!  Painting number 3133 in 3133 days. 

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Wet Streets at Dogpatch

I have not painted a nocturne in ages! Dogpatch is an historic part of the Bagnell Dam strip, drawing visitors from far and wide!  We've taken our own children here through the years.  Intending to paint the street scene in the golden hour, I arrived before 6:30 to start painting. Within in minutes, a storm blew up over the Lake of the Ozarks, complete with driving rain and lighting!  I was suddenly painting a nocturne with the lights on! I moved inside my car to continue the block in, thinking it would pass.  I could see light in the distance, but it only grew heavier.  I ended up completing it in the car in very low light.  I'm so happy this painting found a new home at the event sale! Painting number 3132 in 3132 days. 

Friday, August 13, 2021

Bagnell Dam

This is the perfect spot to paint this historic dam - which turned 90 years old this week!  I haven't done an ink sketch all week - so I finally got back to my ink this afternoon.  The day turned off cool after two weeks of heat adviseries and warnings - leaving it very pleasant to sit out and draw.  I zoomed in on a favorite part of this dam and started sketching the lines and angles.  A drawing like this is a bit like a puzzle where I have to sketch out each piece.  Once the composition was in, the values made quick work.  I have wanted to paint these towers for so long, it is a joy to finally get to it!  Painting number 3130 in 3130 days. 

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Chapel at Bridal Cave

 Making history in possibly the coolest place I've ever painted - inside the Chapel of the Bridal Cave!   We are the first artists to plein air paint in this cave!!  What a once in a lifetime experience!!  I didn't know this would be possible, so I was dressed for the high heat warning day of near 100 degrees. Donning a jacket, I walked into this gorgeous, chilly cave and absolutely marveled at the beauty. We could set up anywhere in the first two "rooms", and I chose the chapel. Many couples have been married here, and this is a very special place.  This room was colder than the first and cold water dripped from the ceiling, splashing on my legs from the walls.  I went back out for my rain jacket, and that helped to at least keep the top of me dry.  By the time I finished this magnificent place, I was shivering so much I could hardly manage my brushes and close up my easel.  My feet and sandals were completely wet and so very cold!  It took an hour of standing in the sun at 97 degrees to finally warm up enough to start losing layers.  And it was SO VERY WORTH EVERY BIT OF THE DISCOMFORT!  I am so happy to be among the first artists ever to paint here.  What an honor!  Painting number 2129 in 2129 days. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Trail and Pony Rides

What fun to stumble upon this nostalgic stable at Tan-Tar-A resort at Lake of the Ozarks!  Looking for the check-in location, I took a different road out than I drove in, and I'm so glad I did!  It was getting dark by the time I finished this ink and watercolor painting!  Now it's time for an icy cold drink and a swim!  Painting number 3128 in 3128 days. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2021


I can remember going to this special place with my grandparents when I was small - and it is a joy to paint it now!  Ozarkland is a Missouri icon - and I actually met the woman whose uncle started them all today!  This one is located in Camdenton, and of course I will stop in to browse the goodies and take a step through time before I leave!  I'm so happy this painting won the Camdenton Square Buyer's Choice Award tonight - and now has a new home! Painting number 3127 in 3127 days. 

Monday, August 9, 2021

Redhead on the Lake

This place was so much fun to paint!  I started with a very complicated drawing in ink, then started painting the masses.  On this painting, I first painted in all the red shapes, using heavier pigment as I went. Next to the greens, remembering to reflect all colors in the water where I saw them.  This was a sunrise paint, and it was delightfully cool and refreshing down on the the water.  Painting number 3126 in 3126 days. 

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Light Over the River

I love capturing peaceful moments along the Missouri River, with it's ever changing moods and colors.  The water has been still and calm this week, which is not often the case.  My painting window was small, so I chose to paint small, laying in lights and darks first, before filling in the masses.  Walkers on the trail beside me commented and visited as they strode by, and the water lapping at the edge was soothing as I worked.  These moments spent by the water are soul soothing indeed, and I love capturing it in oils. Painting number 3125 in 3125.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

INCAHOOTS in Parkville

I had so much fun painting INCAHOOTS in Parkville this morning!  Starting this last night, I was able to get most of it inked and painted before the sun went down.  This morning I returned to check my work and add a few things I missed in the dark - lol! I really loved painting this eclectic coffee shop on Main Street - and I had THE BEST iced matcha tea ever!!  This will be my go to drink whenever I'm in Parkville!  Painting number 3124 in 3124 days. 

Friday, August 6, 2021

Flowers on Main Street


I LOVED painting the Flower Truck in front of White Farmhouse Flowers in Parkville today!! As soon as I arrived on location, I KNEW this would be a fun paint!  The Volkswagen truck filled with buckets of flowers made the store front adorable!  So, with brush and paint I sketched out the scene, allowing the sun to move a little before adding the light and shadow.  The afternoon light is amazing on this row of shops, so I waited for it!  As it slid into place, I marked those masses quickly.  Light is a fleeting thing, so speed matters.  The shop owner graciously welcomed us with wine and cheese, and I did a little shopping.  This place is just as cute inside as outside!  So happy this painting went home with the Master Florist!! Painting number 3123 in 3123 days!  ❤🎨

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Main Street Shops

It was so fun to paint the charming Main Street of Parkville - even in the rain!  The rain was not called for, but it started not long after I blocked in the masses in oil. I scooted back deeper under the store awning to prevent the rain from hitting palette and panel. As the rain grew a bit heavier, I painted a bit faster!  The rain did offer a little reflected color on the pavement, adding interest. I framed up and left it with a friend to turn in for me - as I was rushing to meet with Mike and Michael and his prospective new employer, Burns and Mac!  Painting number 3122 in 3122 days. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Main and 4th Street


I'm so incredibly humbled and honored to win my second Purchase Award tonight in Paint Parkville! I loved painting this street scene from the corner of Main and 4th Street.  The late afternoon light spread across the scene, illuminating the historic building. As I approached from the side of this building, I knew I would stop right here and paint.  The composition was striking, light and shadow leading to the house. I really enjoyed the whole painting process here, basking in that golden light and the cool, beautiful weather!  Have I mentioned how much I love painting Parkville?  Painting number 3121 in 3121 days. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Looking Down Main Street

I have never painted from the top of Main Street in Parkville before today. I parked way up the hill, hiking down in search of my perfect scene. As I approached the  French restaurant, I stopped, backing up to the middle of that side street!  I stood there for most of my line drawing, as it was the only way to get most of the shops  the train tracks, and the park beyond. With so many complicated buildings, this ink and watercolor painting took longer than my norm, but it was so worth it!  In my excitement to get out framed and start another, I once again I packed up and left my spot - without getting the pic on my easel! A helpful visitor saw me struggling to prop this against some stones, and offered to get a photo!  The glass is messing with the color a bit - but at least I have an image.  I'm so honored that this painting won the Main Street Purchase Award this evening!  Painting number 3120 in 3120 days. 

Monday, August 2, 2021

12 6th Street

The weather couldn't be nicer for painting en plein air!  It is such a treat after the heat indexes of 106 last week!  I arrived looking at a different format in my paper, but soon decided to go with a more sweeping view of the scene, capturing house,  garden, and street.  With the dramatic perch on the hill, I took more time sketching out the angles and lines with a water resistant ink, to come back in with a water soluble one.  I then took a water brush pen to the areas I wanted to wash a little, finding the balance.  I do love working with the ink, so therapeutic as I capture a scene. Painting number 3119 in 3119 days. 

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Still Standing

Finally the heat wave has broken and we are blessed with gorgeous weather!  As I arrived on scene, this fabulous ancient tree called me right in.  Twisted and contorted, it's branches told a story of many years spent standing in this spot.  I started laying in my darkest darks first, then put the lights in before they fled. The early color was stunning and I didn't want to lose it.  I think I worked a little too long on this one, finally making myself walk away!  It was so lovely standing in the shade - I could have stayed all day!  Such a welcome change from days of late!  Painting number 3118 in 3118 days.