Friday, August 27, 2021

Monet's Bridge

With only 30 minutes left before meeting the Art Mob, I just had to do a quick paint of Monet's Bridge before leaving.  I've never thought of painting this view before, but didn't want to take the time to move my set up from my first painting!  So, I jumped in with big masses first. When I'm short on time, I try to get down as much information as I can in that time.  I had not yet reloaded my palette, so I had to work with the ultramarine violet for my quick darks - which does not work well!  It is far too translucent to push into other masses and achieve impact.  But when time is of the essence, I let my hands work as they will!  I could have used 15 more minutes to tighten this up, but it still gives a good representation of my impressions of the moment.  Painting number 3145 in 3145 days. 

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