Sunday, August 15, 2021

Wet Streets at Dogpatch

I have not painted a nocturne in ages! Dogpatch is an historic part of the Bagnell Dam strip, drawing visitors from far and wide!  We've taken our own children here through the years.  Intending to paint the street scene in the golden hour, I arrived before 6:30 to start painting. Within in minutes, a storm blew up over the Lake of the Ozarks, complete with driving rain and lighting!  I was suddenly painting a nocturne with the lights on! I moved inside my car to continue the block in, thinking it would pass.  I could see light in the distance, but it only grew heavier.  I ended up completing it in the car in very low light.  I'm so happy this painting found a new home at the event sale! Painting number 3132 in 3132 days. 

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