Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Park University Campus

I love painting the architecture of the grand old buildings on the Park University Campus!  Sitting in the shade of a tree, I do my line work with De Atramentis Archive Ink, following with Levenger's Raven Black in this pictured fountain pen with a broad nib.  This is my first pen in all these years to have a broad nib, and in only a few paintings I have grown to love it!  It drops a smooth, rich line, more intense than the medium nib. On smoother papers, the line may be too bold, but the majority of my papers are rough in texture, so the broad nib really helps speed the drawing process.  I love my fountain pens!  In fact, I have a brand new one just out of the box, just waiting to be inked! Painting number 3143 in 3143 days.  This painting now showing at Cathy Kline Art Gallery through October! 

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