Thursday, August 19, 2021

Boat Rental

Behind the Inn at the Grand Glaze, down the steep hill and right on the water is this amazing blue boat rental shack with various kayaks and even a paddle boat.  The bright colors pulled me in, so I sketched this out in ink and added watercolor as the sun set.  I perched at an angle because of the pitch of the land, and closely observed the interesting angles from looking down on this building.  I like to rest my paints on the ground while sitting on a camp stool for such places, but had to fight the sliding of my tins down the hill!  Haha! Blocking them with rocks, I was able to get this painted before all light was gone.  After all, I had a long hike up that hill to get back to my room!  This painting is now showing at Lake Fine Art Galleria in Osage Beach.  Painting number 3137 in 3137 days. 

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