Monday, August 16, 2021

Ha Ha Tonka Spring

Before today, I have only seen this spring from high up on the cliff, from the ruins of the Ha Ha Tonka Castle. It was years ago, and a tiny spot of lime green in the woods, but I wished instantly to find it and paint it! Alas, we were vacationing with family and time was short, so I tucked that memory away for another day, today, and set out to paint the beauty!  It was very hot here on this 100 degree day, with no wind moving to cool me off.  I was in the shade, Thank goodness, but heat did seem to radiate off the water and rock faces. I worked fast, trying to minimize my afternoon painting time.  Starting with the dark masses, then painting in the light values, I used them for my painting map. Color changes quickly in the water, as the sun starts to move across it's surface, so it is important to mark those colors so that I can stay true to that original vision, and not chase the light.  This place was so peaceful, and it was fun visiting with all the walkers on the trail.  Even in the sweltering heat, this was an amazing place to paint!  Painting number 3133 in 3133 days. 

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