Monday, March 7, 2022

Winter Wash

My grandma would call this little run off creek a wash. I've heard it all my life pertaining to the creeks with little water, except when it rains. I pass this creek daily, and it was dusted with snow before the sun came out, and poof - it melted right into the brush.  I know spring is coming when a green hue rises in the water, though we're back to 5 degrees on Saturday!  I plan to enjoy the 70s first, and spend some time outside.  This ink and watercolor miniature is all I had time for on this busy day of installing artwork and appointments.  Pictured above is my TWSBI Diamond mini in silver, with an extra fine nib.  I keep this pen loaded with De Atrementis archival ink, for thin lines that will not move when I add the watercolor.  I love every one of my TWSBI fountain pens!  Painting number 3351 in 3351 days. 

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