Friday, October 22, 2021

Night on 1st Street

Getting a photo of a nocturne on location is so very hard!  The color is not true under the warm street lights, and I didn't even remember to get the photo until I framed, but here it is!  Full of energy when I started painting with two friends out on 1st Street, I was dragging a little by the end of the process!  Having dinner and a glass of wine first slowed me down a little.  Finishing after 11:00, I then had to take care of posting, blogging and showering before bed.  I had accidently dipped into a new olive green I'm trying out that is very, very dark, and it mingled into my night sky.  I actually thought of this mistake in the middle of the night, and wondered how my painting would be affected.  It was different from my norm, but I decided to leave it.  This painting won the 1st Place Award tonight for Owensville, so maybe I'll start mixing in that green to my nocturnes - lol! Painting number 3199 in 3199 days. 

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