Thursday, October 14, 2021

Howard Beach Morning

This morning's quick paint could be any place within Howard Park, and after a quick spin through the area I headed to the end of the peninsula.  I seldom get a chance to paint white sand beaches, so I am taking every opportunity to explore the local color. I find it challenging to get the sand color as light as it is on these white sand beaches, and still make sense in the painting.  Just behind me, hundreds of birds gathered on the beach, standing in and out of the water, chattering away.  I did have to stand in the full sun to capture this scene, which I try to avoid. It's hard to get accurate color with the sun washing out the landscape, and messing with my eyes.  I never quite know what I have in this strong light until I bring the painting inside.  It's funny how the colors can change so much in artifical light. This was about an hour and a half paint, giving myself time to frame and turn in. I think I'll come back here for another after lunch.  I'll long for these beach days in the middle of winter!  Painting number 3191 in 3191 days. 

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