Saturday, October 8, 2022

Looking up Main - Across the Tracks


What a beautiful morning to start Parkville Plein Air - and I just HAD to paint the whole street scene!  Using a larger panel than usual, this one is 20x10. I am also trying a new tint to my gesso with this one.  I primed the whole panel in a cool gray that pushes a little to the green.  I seem to cycle through the colors trig the years - anything but white!  White is just too bright in the field - and all of it must be covered.  Composing this scene is a bit like putting together a puzzle - painting in each building as it fits, until the whole painting emerges.  It was so nice to visit with everyone as they walked by, Main Street in Parkville is such a friendly place.  This painting was in the top 4 in today's Purchase Award, and is painting number 4358 in 4358 days. 

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