Sunday, October 2, 2016

Last Light at the Pond

Thundering Oaks has been such a fabulous place to spend the weekend painting!  I'm sure there are many great locations I did not even get the chance to see, as I just kept setting up my easel as fast as I saw another wonderful composition!   It was rather late in the day when I started this one.  In fact, I doubted whether I should start another with so little light left, but the scene was calling..... The deep, cool shadow shades really made that "golden hour" light sing on the foreground stand of trees, so I HAD to paint it!  It was important to get those lights and darks marked quickly - because this light was fleeting!  By the time I finished, the glow was only a memory, with only my painting to record it's wonder.  Painting number 1364 in 1364 days. 

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