Thursday, April 14, 2022

Bajada Wash Trail

Only the second entry in my vintage travel journal, I sketch the Bajada Wash Trail at the Saguaro National Park.  It's so beautiful with it's desert colors, filled with hundreds of saguaro cacti!  They only grow in a small area of Arizona, and are protected here.  It is hard to imagine their size without a person standing by one - they are gigantic!  An Arizona hairy scorpion dashed out in front of me as I was climbing to find a better trail for Michaela!  Since she was carrying Casper on her back, she couldn't make the steep climb on the trail. So glad that scorpion didn't sting me!  They are aggressive and painful!  Who knew there were so many scorpions here?  Love pen and ink for this scene - I'm going to really enjoy filling the pages of this journal with my travel adventures! Painting number 3389 in 3389 days. 

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  1. Stunning all around! Great to MEET you yesterday at the Klondike Park Boat Launch. (BTW - My G-Kids call me "Grampy - Ha.) I've also spent the last two winters in Arizona, and even teased my G-Kids with a short video of me next to a saguaro as I sang "The hills are alive with the THORNS of Saguaro! IF I happened to have a place to put it, I would RELISH acquiring this "total" photographic image as a composite of your art! Sincerely, Dean