Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Mount Pleasant Afternoon

I haven't painted Mount Pleasant Winery in years - and never in pink!  Word on the grapevine is that this is the original historic color - and it certainly looks great against the fresh greens of spring!  My third painting of the day, I choose a third medium. After an oil and a fountain pen ink, I now chose ink and watercolor.  As I started my ink work, I realized I'm missing my neon yellow Twsbi fountain pen full of my favorite black ink!  I searched high and low, and it's not in my stuff.  I last remember having it as I sketched the whole scene at Nobeleis, so maybe it's laying there in the grass!  So today, I had to use my ink full of Robert Oster's Thunderstorm ink, a rich dark that pushes blue when wet. It actually pops in this landscape, adding to the contrast.  Mixing up just the right pink was fun - and these historic buildings are a pleasure to capture!  I feel like I've stepped back in time, just painting here.  Painting number 3401 in 3401 days. 

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