Sunday, April 24, 2022

Rainy Day at Lake Creek

I love coming to Lake Creek Winery to paint!  The pastoral scenes and sweeping landscape are an artist's dream - even on a rainy day!  I set up as rain threatened, getting everything dry as sprinkles started.  I first did a pen and ink, and was having so much fun that I sketched right into my paint time. Everything is timed, but no matter, I wanted to finish the ink - and frame it- before rain turned my painting into smeary blackness.  So I did, leaving myself short for this delightful scene!  You can't tell it here, but it rained very hard as I painted under their shelter, rain even flooding the floor around me, like a lake filling up! I had on my wellies and was standing on a thick yoga mat, so I didn't get too wet. We all squeezed into the center of that cover as the wind blew the heavy rain in.  Plein air is not for the faint of heart! Still, I loved painting this, and this painting has a new home, too!  Painting number 3399 in 3399 days. 

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