Sunday, May 8, 2016

Moody Balducci

Moody Balducci
Oil on panel, 14x11
Balducci Vineyard - showing at Gallery in Defiance

Little did I know when this sunset paint began, I would soon be on a roller coaster of emotion.  My fourth scheduled event of the day, I had shared a glass of wine with artist friends before picking a location to paint from.  Looking out the window to the vineyard spreading out to the east, I immediately wanted to paint it.  Once sketched and applying color to the masses, I started getting multiple texts - my oldest son’s first baby was on the way back in Kansas City!  He was 13 days early!  I had hoped to get home from this event before his arrival - but who can schedule around a birth?  Tears of happiness made it increasingly difficult to paint!  Family chiming in with happy words on the group text soon turned to silence from the father to be.  Something was wrong and the baby was being taken to the NICU.  I hardly thought of anything but Baby Nolan, as I finished painting on auto pilot.  So much worry, so much love, and so little I could do from afar.  Thank God for all the support and love I drew on from my artist friends and “family” in Augusta.  Little Nolan improves a bit each day, and we are all looking forward to the day he can come home from Children’s Mercy.  Painting number 1222 in 1222 days.

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