Sunday, May 29, 2016

Garden Stroll

Garden Stroll
Oil on panel, 14x11
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The morning light spilled into the garden, illuminating foliage and bloom.  Setting up in the shade, I had a perfect spot from which to paint.  Soft breezes and friendly conversation were my painting companions.  I was close to the walkway, so many stopped to visit as I worked.  I enjoy the conversation, it allows my creative side to take over while my mind is otherwise engaged, and my creative side never disappoints.  My right brain really needs no attention from my left, when it comes to painting!  I am having an issue with my tripod - I have already stripped out the top!  After a visit to the camera shop, I am giving this project to Mike.  He can fix anything!  Then, I will have something that will never break!  Painting number 1244 in 1244 days.

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