Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Skies of May

Skies of May
Oil on panel, 7x5

With rain moving in and out of the area, the sky has been a constant display of racing clouds.  Taking a little time to get those colors down, I am making the effort to really concentrate on the heavens for the next month or so!  I want to pop out at sunrise, sunset, and everything in between, to capture the skies in all their varied glory!  I find sunrise and sunset particularly challenging, so hopefully I can get to my paints during those times.  I am painting small, which I haven’t done for weeks!  At only 7x5, the colors and values are king, with little room for details.  Who was it that recently told me simple was best?  A wonderful exercise - and I have got the hill top view in all directions, so I am going to master these skies in no time!  Painting number 1225 in 1225 days.

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