Friday, May 13, 2016

Quiet Reflection

Quiet Reflection
Oil on panel
Penn Valley Park morning quick paint
Showing at Buttonwood Art Space in Kansas City, MO

Up at five, out by six, I arrived on location before the sun for our morning quick paint.  I walked around the lake a bit, before deciding on this rather unconventional composition with sky and it’s reflection in the lake.  After painting the very green landscapes of the last couple of days, I was longing for some cool colors to break up all that green.  It was a beautiful morning with soft breezes, and the painting unfolded before me as I thought about little Baby Nolan, just minutes away.  I would be heading there right after the quick paint, for a little quality “baby time”, before turning in my artwork to the Buttonwood Art Space.  If this event hadn’t been so close to the hospital, I would never have been able to participate.  Thank heaven for small favors.  These little getaways help me far more than hours spent in the waiting room.  Painting number 1227 in 1227 days.

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