Thursday, May 26, 2016

Along the Peony Path

Along the Peony Path
Oil on panel, 14x11
Stems Event - purchase here
I started this painting a little differently.   My 14x11 panel was primed for a nocturne, and I didn't want to paint on the 8x10s I had with me.  The scene simply called for a larger size.  So, I very loosely blocked in all my masses with acrylics.   There opaque quality lightened up the areas between the deep, warm, dark red of the background.   Leaving some of this showing, I began to build on those masses with my oils.  It seems so unnatural to paint on such a dark surface,  but I think I like it!  It challenges me in a way my normal method does not.  Did I leave it too loose? certainly is more impressionistic than usual!   I'll look again with fresh eyes in the morning and then decide!  Painting number 1241 in 1241 days.  Michaela painted with me today, too - and we barely made it back to the car before the storm hit!  Just another plein air adventure!

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