Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Dream of Roses

A Dream of Roses
Oil on panel, 9x12
Stems Plein Air Event - purchase here
After a morning paint of a complicated garden scene,  I was in the mood for roses - up close and personal.   So, I dropped off the wet painting at my car, and strolled through the arboretum.   I found several very appealing varieties,  before I landed at these beauties - and I had to stop!  The creamy yellows and salmon pinks were more than I could resist!   I did a quick pastel sketch which was barely more than marking the orbs, and started laying paint quick and loose.  I had the perfect set up, a spot in the shade, soft breezes, friendly passers by, and the floral scent of the garden all around me.  Sheer heaven!  This is my 1236th painting is as many days.

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  1. Me gusta mucho sus cuadros son muy hermosos.Saludos desde Cataluña. España