Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Clouds of May

Clouds of May
Oil on panel, 6x6
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Whenever there is a cloud show in the sky - I can hardly wait to get to my easel!  The formations are ever changing and irresistible!  I am focusing on the subtle color changes, and applying the paint with only a couple of brushes.  The definition of the distant hedgerow and the meadow are loose, and with soft edges.  The dogs look up at me on the balcony - and don’t know what I’m doing!  So far, the cats have not found me.  That little Wesson just jumped on the lid of my open palette two days ago - and lucky for him, he didn’t pick up any of the paint!  He is notorious for jumping onto easels, and I must be on my guard!  This painting makes the 1232nd in 1232 days :)

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