Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Into the Arbor Garden

Into the Arbor Garden
Oil on panel, 12x9
Stems Plein Air Event
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I've been painting in these gardens for years,  but I have never painted it from this view.  Nestled into the shaded cubby where the lily pond trickles down the stones, I found a very comfortable spot to set up.   Breezes were mild, and the temperature was perfect on this overcast day.  Several times I checked my radar, just to be sure the clouds were not going to open up on me!  Michaela has been painting with me each day since Thursday,  and it has been a treat to see what she creates!  She is fast, and has a very natural ability to capture the landscape in oils.  Her values are good from the start,  something so many of us take years to get right.  I hope she can fit these events in whenever she's on break from college!   Maybe I can get her to accompany me daily all summer!  Painting number 1247 in 1247 days.

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