Friday, May 6, 2022

Wine Country Road

This road leading back to the vineyard is a perennial favorite of mine, hooking me each time I return to the Sugar Creek Winery.  In the early light, I composed my painting, blocking in masses with my paint. As I worked, I lifted my mug of hot, loose leaf tea from the ground at the side of the road. As I lifted it to my mouth, I noticed something black on my black mug.  I tried to brush it away, but it was stuck, so I pinched it with my fingers to lift it up - and guess what it was on the closed mouth of my mug?  A LEACH!!  I wiped off the lid, removed it to drink from the edge, and put my other hand below it to bring out to my mouth, and guess what was on the bottom mug?  ANOTHER BLACK LEACH!!  Well, that's a plein air first for me, I've never seen leaches out of the river, let alone on the edge of a road leading uphill.  I finished my painting, enjoyed the morning and forgot about those silly leaches.  I put my mug on the road after that!  Painting number 3411 in 3411 days. 

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