Thursday, May 26, 2022

Day in Bentonsport

I've never been to this part of Iowa, and I love finding this historic village nestled by the Des Moines River.  So charming, I started this one before the rain in a hurry to get the panel covered.  I could hear the rain start before I could see it hitting the other side of town.  I grabbed my gear and rain coat and dashed to the gazebo!  Making it before the downpour, I settled in to finish the masses.  About half way done, I worked on values and chroma until bringing it to a finish.  I shared this gazebo with another artist - Troy, who sang early Beatles songs that I did not know, trying to get me to sing harmony!  It was a lovely day spent by the River, with many Amish families in town for a picnic outing.  Painting number 4229 in 4229 days. 

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