Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Lake Sherwood

I had to scramble down a steep hillside to paint this in the morning light - good thing I've got hiking skills, or I would never have attempted the decline. Towards the bottom of this hill lay some large stones, switchback style, rising from the water's edge.  A house is being built up top, and I was commissioned to come here and paint this view on my largest canvas.  The winds were strong, so strong they blew my hat into my painting, as my whole set up blew backwards towards the water.  Grabbing each with a hand at mid-fall, only a few brushes tumbled out.  But my hat now wore some of that lake painting!  As we gathered later at the clubhouse, multiple artist friends were is disbelief, they couldn't believe I actually had paint on me!  Well, it was an extreme plein air day, and I later removed that paint with the Dawn I carry in my art bag.  Took a little elbow grease, but it did all come out.  Painting number 3415 in 3415 days. 

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