Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Into New Melle

What fun to paint the road into New Melle with ink and watercolor!  After painting the road into town from the north, I settled on this spot for the next one.  I've run out of all larger papers, so am painting 8x6 today, which will frame to 10x8.  Using my view finder, I closed in on this specific view to paint, finding my best composition within that frame.  I love the bright blue on that building - it adds a lot of pop to this small town scene.  Raining off and on, I had to hop back in the car twice - to protect my work.   Watercolor, ink, and rain do not play well with each other!  I finished and framed, then Teddy was ready to have her car back, so my next sketch had to wait for later!  Happy this painting found a new home at the pop-up gallery show at the Quarry Winery!  Painting number 3408 in 3408 days. 

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