Friday, May 27, 2022

River Valley Horsecamp

What a treat to get to paint at a horsecamp for the Quick Paint at Van Buren County plein air event!  With horses and an assortment of barns and rings, this place is eye candy to this artist!  I wanted to paint this as soon as I pulled in, so I pulled over to get out and look.  Already 3:00, I had to eat my lunch salad before painting, I was just too hungry to wait until 5:00. So, I used up 40 minutes of my quick paint time eating, while studying the scene before me.  Once I started, I painted fast, laying down light, shadow and chroma.  Horses and riders passed by and visited, adding so much to the whole day.  I sure wish I had more time to paint here, this place is amazing!  It was an honor to win the Quick Paint, too!  Painting number 4229 in 4229 days. 

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