Monday, May 9, 2022

Japanese Garden

Loose Park is known for it's Rose Garden, but only one stand of yellow roses are currently blooming.  June is when the first blush is, and it promises to be spectacular.  This Japanese Garden is full of lush color, with azaleas shining against the fresh spring foliage. It is very windy today, so I positioned myself right inside the small, covered arbor, seeking some relief from the battering.  As the wind raged, gusts flew through like a wind tunnel, so I was never very far from my gear.  That arbor might be enough cover in a light rain, so I take notice for another day.  Here with the Monday watercolorists, I will check in with another event here at 2:00 - Art Flood. These 90+ days are certainly feeling like summer - and I sure hope the wind lets up tomorrow!  Painting number 3414 in 3414 days. 

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