Friday, January 20, 2017

Winter Grapevines in the Fog

Another gorgeous, foggy morning - and I HAD to get out there and capture it!  These grapevines caught my attention yesterday, but the west pasture beckoned.  Today, these vines would not be denied.  I sketched the general composition quickly, then started laying paint.  Whenever I have limited time, I just let instinct take over and work as fast as I can.  This is painted with my limited palette, which ensures strong color harmony.  I used a limited palette exclusively for years with my acrylics in plein air, and I have really had fun getting back to that with my small pocket box set up!  I find I am going back to those limited colors even on my larger works lately!  Painting number 1471 in 1471 days :)
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  1. Tammie, your landscapes are so beautiful! I love this palette of colors that you used on this painting and the one before it...Love it 🎨

  2. There is such piece in your gorgeous landscape painting. I rarely work in limited color palettes, but I do find that they encourage creativity when I do. Blessings!

  3. Its beautiful and I love the photo too