Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sunset from the Pasture

Keeping an eye to the sky, I prepared dinner.  Everything about painting a sunset involves timing.  I put the fresh vegetables in the oven to roast, and popped out to the pasture to catch the sunset!  I should have been out there 5 minutes sooner.  The light was soft and fading.  I am making an effort to capture the sunset in all of it's moods, so I brushed in the masses with my very limited palette.  I really should add another color or two to make the most of the fleeting light - if I am to continue painting sunsets!   I had a little trouble with only Indian yellow, perm crimson and ultramarine blue!  I would have loved some Naples yellow pale and a little alizarin crimson.  This painting makes 1461 in 1461 days :)
Oil on panel, 7x5
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