Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sunset on Cedars

Two of my students have been creating some fabulous work with their palette knives - and it has inspired me to use my own!  On this one, I have used my Princeton Catalyst exclusively.  I love the flexible head, especially when laying down that first lean coat of color!  It spreads smooth and lean, unlike the scratchy scraping of the metal knife.  I also used it for the thick to layer, but the other knifes also work well when just skimming that first layer of paint.  I think the catalyst produces a smoother finish than my metal knives.  I have most of the tips, but really prefer the small, angled head the most.  I  have rarely used my others......except when painting larger works!  Time to wrap up shop - we are meeting friends for dinner!   Painting number 1480 in 1480 days :)
oil on panel, 6x6
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  1. Ooh, wow this really is moody! I love it! Must be those rich, warm colours. It amazes me what people can achieve with a palette knife! So much texture... Just lovely!

  2. This is so beautiful, Tammie.I only tried palette knife one time and I think it was not something I wanted anyone to see. You have an amazing talent.