Saturday, January 14, 2017

Snowy Road through Town

On this cold winter's day, I have my hot tea close and Game of Thrones playing.  Since I was a child, I have been drawn to the warm, pastoral scenes of Currier and Ives.  Today, I am channeling that love into my handmade watercolor sketchbook with pen and ink.  Once the India ink is good and dry, I flow the watercolor over the top.  I have all four of my Watercolor Confection pan sets out - and I jump between them with my brush pens.  I am laying on stronger color and deeper values, as the whim takes me.  This is the first day I've dipped into the "pastel dreams" and the "tropicals". I am REALLY enjoying these paints!  I so seldom have a day when I can get lost in my artwork, and I am seizing this day!  This is painting number 1465 in 1465 days :)
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  1. Tammie, this painting caught my eye right's lovely. I, too, love Currier and Ives. I also love that you painted this in your handmade watercolor sketchbook~

    1. Thanks, Jan!! I only started pen and ink last January, and started adding watercolor in October. I like the way I can flow the paint into the scene - super fun!