Saturday, January 21, 2017

January Fog

I could not believe my eyes when I awoke to ANOTHER foggy morning!!  Wanting to paint 10x8, I realized the fog was already thinning.  Judging that I may have less than an hour in this light, I pulled out a 7x5 instead.  I am again using my limited palette of Indian yellow, red oxide, alizarin crimson, Windsor blue, titanium white and ivory black.  This very typical pasture scene was quickly painted in masses, cutting in around the trees with the distant misty fog.  Just like a clear day, the fog is lightest at the horizon, so I find myself dropping in more light at the top of the distant tree row.  The sun was already popping through the clouds with my last strokes.  Painting number 1472 in 1472 days :)
Oil on panel  7x5
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  1. Tammie this is another gorgeous landscape!!!
    I love the palette you have been using on these last three paintings~

  2. Yes another beautiful piece. I love painting trees but mine seem heavy. Yours are light and refreshing.