Monday, January 30, 2017

Bold Sunset Sailing

Feeling bold today, the palette knife was calling my name.  I had sold a sailboat painting last week, and the memories of so many other seascapes came flooding back.  Using personal photos on my phone, I started this demo in class today to assist a student through the process.  This is painted entirely with my Princeton Catalyst, which I normally prefer to any metal knife.  The handle was too long to fit in my pocket box, so I took the head off the handle, holding it from the ferrel end!   It slid right off, and I can stick it right back on for normal use!   It is super fun to get chunky with the paint, while using the photo as a "jumping off point" for my painting.  It gives me some guidance, as I let the whims of the paint run wild.  Sometimes, I just have to run free!  Painting number 1482 in 1482 days.

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